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Epifileofs. PattltoTiitrv. CHAP. I.7.1 (hould caufea man to glue vp himfelfe tofilthie lucre:for this is theway 155 to bring thegreatefl curieand want vpon his houle and children ; for fo runnes the chreatning. The curie entreth into the houleof the lyar and theefe,and turfed (hall hischildren beafter him : and Iob obferued that theof fpringofthe wicked are notfatisfedwithbread, although him(elfeof- Iob a7.14. ten be:the promife to the iufl is to inherit the land,but the wicked (hall not dwell in it,that is,(hall not abideand continue in their generations: their pofletlions (hall fpue out the vngodly profeffors. Dear. 3. The Scriptures fpeaking of riches for moll part ioyneth The vcry phrate forne fuck epitbite with them as may be abackbyas to withdrawe the i cPeSati f ri. hearts, and atteaions ofawn from them : as her fìlthie lucre. Salomon chcs mould pal obferued aneulll ficknes under the funne or Inch an milli as bringeth t,`.o, them. griefe with ir, namely riches referucd fir t'he hurt of theowner: then ri- t utes.i.tt ches arenor alwaiesheaped vp for good. The Prophet Micha obferued M;oha.6.tu. much wealth in the houfe ofthe wicked,but it wastreafiares of wickednes. And therefore all treafuresand (lorearenot iuflifiable,nor comfortable. Habacukcalleth the increafeof wealth, the ladingof aman with :hick! Abae.a.e. clay. Chrifl tearmeth the careofthem, rhorniccares :& thfeiues deceine- Mattnt ;.a:. able riches. Paid liileth them by the titleofvncertaine riches,according . 1 ;11 .6.,7. to that ofSalomen,Prou. 23 5. Richei hauewings ,and file away like an Eagle. For what other cede doth theScripture ofpurpofeeuery where fpeakeof them, that we can fcarcely read two words together of them, but the one (hall be as a curbc to refiraine our defies from theta; but to abate our fierie edge , and weane our affe&tions from the immoderate hungringafter them?And further, becaufc the fpirit ofGod feeth what is in man,andwell perceiueth theharks and knoctines of our mould in this behaife;he bath prepared other wedges as hard as this, co fubdue `thefe couetous lulls. As, a. Bygiuingthem thenámeof the 'nongrieu.ous finne: couctouf- nes which i6 idolatrie , Coloff.3.5. There isneuer a couetous man but would be loath tobe countedof but as a Chriflian , and a good neigh. bour,&c.but indeed ifhe looke his face in theApo(iles glaffe , he is no better then an Idolater:for his heart is quite wichdrawnefromGod.Iob Ephss in his time knew fornethat madeGod their hope , and heard forne fay Iob ;taq to the wedge ofgold,thouart my confrdence.And Satan knew that either this temptation would bring Chrifl to idolatrie or none;his lati and fo. refl temptation was,alltheft willlgigs thee; which if it be refilled, it is Matth49. timefor him to depart-. Secondly,byafcribing vnto it an inuincible powerto hold men in the praélife ofall impietie,difcoueringit tobe an enemy toall religion,and oppotng it vnto pietieand godlioefl'e:r.Tim.6.It keepethout theword where