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EptflkofS. PaultoArara. \iHAPI' mofl bate and fordid, in his dyet,apparell,andwhole sourfe,and is loath tobellow any thing that is goodon himfelfe. Thus he hath the things, but little or nogood of them : for what is the goodnes of a thing, be- tides thevfe of it ? thepoflèfl'ron is but a title beyond the vfe. And this notebraudeth a number of men , whole whole life bath blame nothing but a gatheringof goods, and a failing fromhimfelfe of goods gathe- red, vntill he bath fo abounded, as he can fee no bottomenor endofhis vvcalth,and then the moll nigardly perCon can be content to fet out him- felfe and his,cuen to riot and prodigalirie : as it was obferued in the co- uetous rich man, Luk.i 2.19. when his ground was fo fruitful!, that he had no more place to lay it: and when he had laid vp goods inough for manyycares, then he could fay,foul: lineat eafe, eateand drinke, but ne- uer before. 3. e/; withdrawing of the heart and hand from good du- ties , and negle6l of the goodoftne Church , and of the poore. Good words indeedeare goodcheape , and faine would they do Tome thing fo farre as mouth-mercie canextend: but the truth is, Lazarus can (caree get the crummes; but their dogges are dearer vnto them, then the poore members ofChrifl: fee Iatnes z.r 6. or if they part with any thing to any godlyvfe, it is wrung from them, as water out of flints ; delaies are made either till the prefent opportunitie bee omitted ; or till there be no remedie : whereas the Lord loueth a chearefull giuer: and Salomon faith ; fay not to thy neighbour , Come againe tomorrowe, if now thou haft it. q. A grudging of confidence in them, as in a firong hold: Prou, a 0.1 5. Therich mans-goods are his firong citie : Luk. 1 a. the rich man faits to his foule,foule take thy reff:and wherupon fhould it ref{? thou haf{enoogh for manyyeares: but what a Poole prooued lice himfelfe thus to reckon without his hol { ?hecould gather riches together,but hecould not tell who(hould enioy them. So what other is the couetous mans confidcnce,then the leaning vpon there flaffes of reed,whichwhile they thicke to Tut{nine chemfelues by, they fhitier into peeces, and pearce the handof their holder. And whence are thofe fo frequent inward dif- courfes and reafonings ofthe diffident heartsof moil men, yea oftenof goodmen, whoare too ready to dreameof anvnthaken profperitie: as Dauid, I Paid in my prolperitie I_hall neuer bee mooted , and this wealth cannot decay; but from this ground, that the heart is withdrawne from God,and Pet vpon the creature : oh thefé goods will f{sod by mee , what dearth,what ;cknes,what changes foeuer come,l Ilia' be able to (hilt & fend for one : and thus whereas the bountifùlnesofGod_hould lead vs to himfelfe , it keepeth downe the heart from becing railed towards him, who is the portionof his people ; fo as it is too well contented to liue without him,as findingmore fweetnes in the pawnes ofhis lone, then in himfelfe,, Ica fIorrddiddus.rt lcNonvnquam Teruo melius veflirec,Horat. 3 z.Cor.9.7. 4 Pfal,g9,á.