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CxnP.I.. cí4Commentarie vean the i48 himfelfe. M.aanes to for. Quell. But bywhat meanes may I fubdue, and keepe vnder this co- bearc foci, co. aeconsacfres. moilsdefine? 1. (Meditate, L. on Gods Commaundement , Pro. r,Meditations. 3.4. Trauellnot too much to bee rich : and, Mat th.6. 25. Care not what I yeefhalleate or drinke : and ,hauingfood and raiment , let vs therewith bee content. And reafon there is , that Peeing ditiraeling and felicitous thoughts are the ground of couetous praetifes, the careof a Chriflian muff be towalkediligently inhis calling , but leaue all the fuccef(e And 2 bleflingofit vnto God. 2. On Godspromifes, alluring thee that whilefl thou thus leanefi vntohim,his prouidence (hall become a plen- tifull portionunto thee:Pfal. 55. 24. Call thyburthen vpon the Lord, andhefhall nourifh thee : r. Pet, 5.7. Callall your care vpon him, for he carethforyou: make thefepromifes thypurchafe, and poffeffe them we ought to by beleefe, and they fhal! be in (lead of a bridle into all couetous and becontent g reedie delires ofgaine. And thus the Apofile diffwadeth it , Heb. 3, with things , preiét,becaafe s. Let your conuerfationbe without couetotrfneffe, and be content with Gedhah heS things prefent. They might aske, but how fhall we artaine hereunto: prcot haue we not cares, and charges vpon vs ? True : but you hauewhere to 3 í lay them: for he bath Paid, I willnot team thee, nror forfake thee. 3. On Gcn.3:.to. thy ownedeferts: whereby Iacob inwant (hied his winde, Iam leffe then 4 I the leaft of thy mercies. 4. On the inordinacieof:by defnre : for how lit- tle is nature contented with ? and a very little aboue a little choketh it: and yet grace is contented withmuch lefìe: it careth not how little it fee about it, for it beleeueth the more, hopeth the more, trufleth the more, prayeth the more, and loueth the more. All the labpur of a man ( faith eeclec.6.. Salomon)isfar his mouth;the mouth is but littleand flraite , Toone filled, yet the deîre in notfilled: noting it to beanvnnaturall delire in many men, who labour not as men that were to feedeamouth,but a great guile fit to (wallow whole Iordan at a draught; or fuch amouth as the Leuia- ) than,wbich receiueth the carte anddrawers ofit. s.Praáifes. 2. Praetife thefe rules following, r. Carrie an equall mind topouer- I tie and riches:andaimeatPaulsrefolution, I canwant , and abound, I Phd.q.i:. canbe full andhungrie,in euery condition I canbecontent.If the world come in vpon thee, vfe itas not vfing it : if it doe not , yet account the prerent condition the bell for thee,becaufe the Lord doth fo account it: and theway to get wealth, is toglue it vp into Gods difpoution; as A- Z braham by offeringvp Ifaac to the Lord, kept him Rill. 2. Turne thefireame of thy delires from earthly to heauenly things; making, with Dauid, God thy portion: then (halt thou bebetter without thefe, then euer thou wert or canti be with them. Zacheus when he had Chrill was rich inough,althoughhe had not a quarterfomuch as he hadbefore: and