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i A CQMMENTARIE vpon the EpOle of Saint PAUL to Ttrus. The occaflon ofthe Epißle. E bath little acquaintance with the writings of the Apotllcs, who out ofthemfelues cannot attaineunto the occafion of their penning : but not to wail time in theparticular Argumentsofeach feueral Epitile,they haue all one common and generali occafiott,which was this : So footle as the Apo(}les had planted any Church of God, by lowing the good feede of the word, fetched out of Gods owne garners in the fieldof the world ; the malitious man font his feruants to fowe tares in the fame field, which fprouted vp fuddenly into the blade and eare,to thechoking ofthe good husbandmans good (cede. Hence was it that (lca(l Gods husbandrie (hould vtterly mifcarrie) theApoilles wereput CO new trauells : whoha- uing upon them the care of all the Churches which they had founded; and feeingSathans fubtilties inceflantly breaking out in his (educing in- aruments,teachersoflies,andfalle Apoflies, to the annoyanceof the Church; were confirained with a fecond hand to flablifh their firtl worke, and with no le(fc labour to vphold and repaire that houle and buildingofGod, which like good mafler-builders they had formerly reared and ere6ted. This truth is euident, not onely in other Churches planted by thisour Apofiie,theDoélor of the Gentiles,asby his Yeuerall Epifties A [