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AQ y.t r t.Tint.t.y. I. rice in chan. giog ment Alt.ti, r. tante.sas3. Follyto Out heatbenilh names to them whom wedefine to begodly. t.4Commentarie Von the ledbefore we read of the others conuerfion , A61.13.9.neither of that Father,who thought he was called Tealtee, leaf;pervwlee Chríiji, vpon his connerlon : for be was called Sand, a long time after his coltueruon. Butthe limple and receiued truth is this; That beeing called to Apoftle- fhip, and ord4ined to be the teacher ofthe Gentile, infaith Andveritie, he was prefently to glueouts his Apofilefhip among the Hebrewes :andwith- all he giueth ouer the rteof his Hebrew name, whereby he was former- lyknowne vnto them: andundertakinghis office among the Gentiles, he alto taketh vp this name, more familiar vnro them; whereby lace would glue them to knowe, that he was now appropriated, and after a forr,de- dicated watt) the feruice of their faith. And this truth feernech tobee grounded in Aft. T;. for beforehe and Barnabatwere feparated voto this worke of the Lord, hee was euer called Saw/ but after this time neuer. Herewe mayobfertle two confiderations : T. That it is and may bee lawfull fotnetimes for a man to changehis name; elfe had it not beene lawfull in Paw!, nor Peter, who was before calledBar- lass: nor Salomon, who was firil called ledidiah. Not here to fpeake of the Lordsowoe changingofnames, as in eÁbreham, Serai, I/real , wherein the Lord in Come new names would hide loose newmyfteries, according to the new occafions offered : yet here, there caueats mu t1 be diligently obferued. T.It maynot be done to the hurt or offence ofany man (as in nicknames taken vp in fcoffe,or for reproach ofour felues or others)but to the good of men. 2. It may not be done to the hiding or couering ofany finne: as many fellons, and Iefuiticall fugitiues vfe it. 3..Some good ende mufì euer bepropounded in ir, wherein Godmay be more glorified, and men edified. Tnus haue fundry godly men changed their names in their wri- tings, to preuent preiudiciall thoughts taken vp againft their perlons, that the truthmight more profperoutly fpread it felfe. 2. Note hence, that fuch names are to be giuen to children, u may put them in minde of forcegood dutie : as Pawl could neuer heare, or re- member his newe name, but alto beput inminde of his new office and dutie, which hewas toperforme among the Gentiles. And fomuck = as maybe, thefe names mull be giuen in the naturali language : thus the Hebrewes glue fit names in Hebrew; the Greekes inGreeke, asTime:by: There was a drfciple named Timotbetee, hie mother scar a leweffe, 6wt hiefa- thers Grecian :which lafi words feeme to include the reafonof his name: the Latines inLatin ; asTerris who wrote the Epiftle to the Romanes: and Qu4rrue abrother : which reprooueth many men , who are either too curious, or too careleffe in impofing the names of their children. The former beeing in thecuelle , glue names aboue the nature of men, fume