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E,piflleofs.Padto Titus. men, forne drawing tooneere the Deitie it felfe, as Emmanuel, and the Iefuites; fome ofAngelis, asGabriel, Michael, &c. fomeofvertues, As Grace, Faith, Mercie, Patience, &c.The latter beeing in defeet,giue the names ofheathen men,es though they would hauethem prooue fo;fome- times of things Carte below the nature of men,as of bealls,trees,&c.then whome fometimes by Gods iut+iudgement they prooue not more feula-' ble:whereas the name fhould not only be fitted vnco the nature, but,allo carry force fit lc(fon and inflruétion in ir. The fecond quel ion is,why this name is hereprefixed ? eí6,f. There, be three efpeciall viesof letting mens names vino diuine writings. r: to thew that menwere calledofGod vino that worke. z . that they were readie to iullifie.and (land to that they bad written. 3. ro preuent the rnifcheifeof forging writings , and fathering them upon men which ne- uer wrote them. Which regards moonedPaul in all his Epifiles to ob- ferue two things : i. in the beginningofeach , toprefixe his name : as in all his 13. Epi files. a. in the endeof each Epilog , he added the Apo..' (lolicall falutation,ás himfellfe witneffeth,z.Thefl:3. 17. rhefalutation of me Paul withmine owne hand ,which is the token in every Epiflle: Coloff4. 18. TheMutation by the hand ofme Paul. And both thefe, partly to (hew his calling whichwas fo firange and extraordinarie tobe fromGod,Gai. .1. `Paul ane4pool`, not ofmen. neither by man,but byJefas Chrif : as al- fo that he might iuftifie the truth he wrore,Rom.1. i 6.I am not afhamedof the GofpellofChrift: As in the loll place to prevent that mifcheife which was euen then inuented, z.Thefl.z.z. Bee not fuddenly mooned, nor troub- ledbyfpirit, by word, or letter, a1 though it were from vs : bee would not therefore haue any goe under his name , which had not his name at ir. Hence learn`. 1: That in the formerrefpeéls it is eonuenient that a mans name fhould be fet to bis writings, which hee commendeth to the vie of the Church : after the example of Paul, who did not (as many now a dales) for his names fake let himfelfe onwriting ; but for his writings fake fet' to his naine : yet fo, as there be cafeswhen it (hall be neither nece4farie nor wife to affixe the name of the author. The principali of them bee three: r. When the name !hall bring neither credit to the truth, nor profit to the Church ; but danger and hurt to the partiehimfelfe : which cafe holdeth firme fo long.as he writeth general( truths , and not perfo- nall: for elle it maypromise an hurtful( flounder. a. When the high efli- mation and account of thepenrrtan in the Church, may caufe the truth to be receiuednot for it felfe, but forthe writer. 3.Whë thecontempt of the writer,chrough thecorruotionofthe people, !hall on the otherhand preiudice the truth, thatit.11lall hauénone, or Idle regard in refpeél of A 3 him. CHAP.I.I. 5 QuidamCh:i- Riant dele&as - tue nominibus Hettoris,Achil lis Hannibalis, a deo iptis pla- cet Genti'if- mus,Polan in cap.t.Dan. Car to which a man may for. beare to fet his name to his writing. 1 2 3