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Ept ftle ofS. Paulto Titus CHAp.s.I. hence are minifiers calledfierres in the right handof (trill, not onely be- 9 caufe he difpofeth of them here and there according ashe plea( th , but xe"ri6 alto to note their fafetieand fecuritie; for he alwaies keepeththem euen within his right hand. 3. ThisMafier whom they (true, will reuenge all their wrongs, no 3 otherwife then¶Daaid did the indignities ofhis feruants againfi Ilanun. 3 `a n.io.,. 4. He becomes theirpaymafier, andof him they receiue their wages ; and they performing their dude faithfully, loofe no labour, although If- Ifa.495. reelbe notgathered, but are a fweet fauour vnto God, euen in thofe that perifh. 3. life. Teacheth peoplehow to efieeme oftheir Minifiers : namely, as theferuants of Clod ; and confequentlyof their Minifierie as the mef- fage of God. Which if it be, Mofesmua notbe murmured at when hee fpeakes freely and roughly:,and if Mecha refolue offaithfulneffe,fayin g, e.4s the Lord lineth, whatfoeuer theLordfaith, bee itgood or mill, that will I fpeal¿e: why fhould he be hated, and fed with bread and water of affliction? Is it not a reafonable plea, and full of pacification in Cistill meffages ? I pray you bee not angrie with me, I am but a feruant ? Yet when Jeremy Thall fay, ofa truth the Lord bathfeet mee, his feete !hall neuerthelefle be Ier.as,rs. fafined in the Rocks. Nay, this confideration fhould not only bind men topeace, from touching and doing the Lords Prophets harme : but alto urge them tohave them in exceedinghonour, at lea(for theworl¿esfake, z r.The..5.13. which is the Lords, who thereforeacknowledgeth them co-workerswith =.cor.3 9. himfelfe. 4. Vfe. Let euery private Chriflian account it allo his honour, that ñ.tmoor'this theLord vouchfafeth him to becomehis feruant; andhereby harden thy feruiee. (elfe again( the (cornes and derifions ofmocking Michels, who Peek to difgrace thy finceritie. If the vngodiy of the world would turne thy glorie into shame, euen as thou wouldeu hate the Sonne ofman not to be afhamed ofthee in his kingdome,be not thouafhamed to profeffe thy (elfe his feruant, which is thy glorie: let nonetake this crowne from thy head; thou ferueu not luch a MaRer as thou needei be afhamed of. AN an Apoflle of Iefeu Chrrfl ] Now the Apatite defcendeth from the general to this fpeciall feruiee, which was the higheRMinifierie in the Church;and fheweth that his im- ploymenc was in the moil ferious bufinell'e of the Church, next under Chrifi, who had furnifhedhimwith an embaffàge for the reconciling of menvnto God;and that not asan ordinarieMiñiuer, but a, as an Apo. file : a. an ApoRle oflefiee ('hrifh. Three priuiled, Res ofan Apo. I. That he was an ApoRle, appeareth by three properties agreeable Me. onelyvntoApoiles. Firf, he was immediately called by Chrifis owne z mouth, Peopleateounr ofthis feruice as honourable.