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CHAP.F.I. Lei commentarie Von the .8 themailers. But the world is full of vnfaithfull feruants, whowhen they fhould come in their mailers name, come in their owne : Gehezi runnes a.Xings.u. after Naaman for talents ofgold, and changeof raiment, and faith, his y maflerfewhim. 2. In feeking to pleafe and approoue himfelfe veto his mauler, andnot to othermew. Thus was viWofes faithfull,but as a femur Numb.xa.7. in all the houfeofGod: nay, Chrifi himfelfe is herein preferred, Hebr. 3. 2. that hewas faithfull to him that appointed him. But wherein was this faithfulneffe feene ? InMofes, in that he did all things according to the patterne in the mount : In Chrifl, in that his do$trine was not his, but hisFathers: neither did he any thingof himfelfe, but all that his Father lob.7.t6.and taught him, thatfpakehee: and all that hefame theFatherdoe , that didhee. 8.1$. This fame was the faithfulneffeof the Apo illes.alfo: whopreached only what they had heard andfeene of Chrifl: and delivered onely what they had receiued: and thismull be the faithfulneffeofvs their fucceffors, the Paflors andTeachers to the endof the world. Vntowhichwee may bee mooned , not onely in that we haue fuch a cloud of worthy examples, bnt alto in that we ferue agood mailer, one full of faithfulneffe,ready to retribute our fidelitie with infinite aduaniage: a farremore forceablear- gument to bind vs vnto God, then that of the Apoflle to bind feruants I,Tim.6s to faithfull feruiceof beleeteingmailers. And laflly , becaufeour mailer 4 {landed) in need of our faithtulnefle,now when the mot/ haue forfaken him ; I meane not onely the Clergieof Rome ( who haue been as faith- full toChriil,asZimriwa OntoElah,)in teachingdotrinesandprecepts tending to the aduancing of theirownc elate, the enriching of that lease, thedeckingof that whoreof Babylon, the pulling downe of the Kingdome ofChrifl, and the tramplingof his Teflament vnder feet: for when the Decrees, Canons, andCouncelsof menmull Mlle out the counfels ofGod;theadditions and traditions ofmenmuflbe(as by their doEtrine) beleeued and received as thewritten word ofGod ; how can Chrifl be acknowledged theonely Lard and husband efhisChurch?But alto pitty it is, that cacti ofProteflantMiniflers, not a few may bechar- a.Tim.g.to. ged withDemur his finne, in embracing this prefent world: which ifany do, needs muff they become as faithfull vntoChrifl, as Hazael was to Ben- z.Ktng.8.ts, hadad: for it goeth not alone, but theforfaking of the truth is the next, an infeparable companion of it. Comfort for Vfe, a. This do6lrine minifireth comfort veto thole, that are faithfull Miniftersin d'is in their minifierie:whom,howfoeuer the worldefieemeth ofthem,their kruice. t,Cor.11.2;. 3 = Lordhighly refpeéieth, admitteth them into his priuyCounfels,and fro_ ployeth in a feruice, which theangels themfelues defire toprie into. 1 2. They beeinghis feruants, theyare lureofhis protection: Pfa,1 a6. Dauid, becaufe bee was theferuant of God, was bold to pray for fafetie: hence