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EpiflleofS. PaintsTitus. Gods heritage, but ae examples totheflocke. 2. Wouldefl thou knowwhat ambition ChrilFbath permitted vnco hisMinifters?it is even this,that he that wouldbe cheife ofall,fhouldbe- come feruant ofa11: not as that manoffinne, the fonneof perdition, who while he calls himfelfe the (truant of all the feruants of God , exalreth hilufelfe not only aboue all his brechren,buc about all that is called God al(o: but to be indeed the feruant ofthe leafl,andweakert member of the Church, furthering by all his endeauours the faluation ofinen. If any then beof the fpirit of Zebedeus his Tonnes, that delire topat the right & left band ofChr: in this his kingdome,here is themoll compendious way to rife to his thoughts: let him painefully ferue the Church, as a good Reward let him difpence the food to thefamily in due (eafonahus he Taal get nextvnco Chrifl: the mefi faithful' (truant of the Church, becomes the greater& ruler in it. According to thefaithof Godselet1.] Here the Apoflle expreffeth the end ofhis calling co the Apofllefhtp, namely to this purpofe , to bring the ele&ofGod vnco the faith, or produce faith in the ele& : the prepo- sition mat put for e;t, which aboue other expofitions I receiue , becaufe the fameApoflle Icadeth vnco it, z.Tim.a.I. Paulan Apofhle, xá1á itray- ystriav tmñt, deco-ding tothtpromife of Pie, that is, to declare the life pro - mifed in Chrifl. It is true in this infcription (if in anyother) which Beta obferuethof all 'Pods infcriptions, that in fome one word or other he v Tech to corn - prife thewhole (copeof theEpiflle,yea the whole fumme of the gofpel; but in this in many words, yea many verfes, he enlargech that which in others hebrieflycontraéeth :bc therefore ashe wit hech not to paffe ouer the infcriptions too lightly(aswhich containmatter fufiicient tooppofe againfl all feducers)fomay we not without great outright &hindrance of our owne edification , paffe euer the diligent inquifitionoffuchmul- tiplicitie and excellencie of matter, as is infolded in chis, and the two verfes following ; which concaine (as we may well tear=it) rather a large defcription of the Catholike faith ofall Chrillians , then a briefe infctiption ofa private letter palling betweene two friends. Thefe words which let open the gate to paffe vs into fuch a faire field, containe three conclufions tobe opened. a. That God bath forewho are de& and chofen,andothers arenot. a. That theee ele& haue a fpeciall faith,difiinftby then3felues. 3. That thispeculiar faith is wrought in themby theMiniilery ache word. For thefirfi : Men may be called the e/tUofGod three wayes. a. In refpeéi of fome temporallfimîtien or Minirlerie to which the Lordbath dc- Dixit fe creatú Apoßolum et eleQionedigni crederent,&pi. etatisat religi. ouis veritatem agnofeerent. Theadoreeln hunclocun. I Men may be taled elea of Cods. Wa3e.p