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CHAP.I.I. Iz z e.Pee.a.y. 3 Macch.7a;. 1.Ioh.zao. lob.; ;.19. Co nmentarie vponthe defigned them : Job. 6.70. Holenot Ichofenyou twelue, andone ef youis aVeuill? 2.1n regard of that aotusllelcEtion and choifeof fome people and nations aboueother, veto the true meanes of life and faluation , fo to become the people of Gods ele&ion. And thus although all Ifrael was not chofen to life eternal!, yet in regard of the meases, they were calledan elea people. And thus in hofoeuer giue their names to Chrifl, and are let into him by Baptifine,may be called ele& in this more gene - rall acceptation oftheword. 3.1n relee& of that eternal! eleElion of God, which is according to grace; whereby ofhis good pleafure he choofeth from all eternitie,out of all fortsof men, fume to the certaine fruition and fellow fhipof life eternal!, and faluation by Chrifl. Thefe ele& of God are here meant;. the number of which is comparatiuely (mall : fir many arecalled, butfewe chofen, a little flocbe,and afewe that haue found the narrow way. Thefe fewe, l fay, are choler), t. from all eternitie, for no new thing can fall into the prefcienceandwillof God. a. they are cho- fen of his good pleaCure , euen before they haue done good or euill. 3. and they are chofen to the certaine fruition of life eternal!, asbeeing immutably ele&ed. For althoughmanyof both the former forts might fall away, andmanifefl their reprobation, as Indue, and fuch as the Apo- file John fpeaketbof, They went ourfromvs, but they were not ofvs;yet this is the priuiledge of this ele&ion, that it is thefirmepurpofeofGod, to faue andhaue mercie. ObieIf. Itwill beherealleadged , that feeing there is not acceptationof perfonswithGod,Rom.2.I s. hee cannot more ac- cept one to faluation then another ; or if hee doe, how (hall it not bee mofl vnequall , that thofe who are equall, fhoui.d not bee equally dealt withal!? Anf.Thewordorlikrorov,tranflated perfon,fignifieth not the fob- (lanceof a manor the man himfelfe,but force outward circumflance be- longing vnto him;as his outward quality ,appearance,orconditib,which beeing obie&ed toour eles, may make aman leffe or more refpe&ed: fuch as are honour, wealth,parentage, learning, authoritie:which when they bringmen into account, then is the face or outward appearance of a man accepted. And thus the Lord accepteth not,nor reie&eth any man, for any adherent qualitiewhichcan commend him aboue another:for he accepteth not the perfons of `Princes, nor regardeth the rich more then the pore, feting theyare both the works ofhis hands: but freely in his Chriil choofeth fuch asare good in his fight,the ref/ being reie&ed.Asfor fuch as alleadge vnequall dealing inGod towards fuck asare equally corrup- ted,and lie all alike in the famemall'e; therebeingnomorematter offal nation in fuch as are choler), then thofe who are reie&ed : all thispaueth no way -to a dependent ele&ionOr reprobation, which hangeth vpon fume outward thing without the moilabfolute will of God ; much J