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EjifleofS. Paulto Titus. CHP.I.1. on hegiueth to the Sonne to faue : for election is founded in Chrifl: and 15 tholewho are thus giuenveto the Sonne by the Father , come veto the Sonne, that is,beleeue in him: for fo the 3 5. verfecon£oundeth them , He thatcononeth unto mee/had not hunger, andbee that beleeneth in meefhull ire- Her thirfri. So as thofe that belecue, are giucn to the Sonne to faluation. The fame teacheth the Euangelift, /3. 48. As many ae were ordai- ned to life, beleened: and z. Theft 2.13. the Apoftle makcch fanalifrcationof thefpirit ,and the faithoftruth, two infallible notes ofteleétion. AU that can hehere ofmoment obieEted is, that a mancannot know certainely ob ci. that he hath faith. But that is falle: for 'Paul, a. Cor. 13.5. willing the sot. Corinthians toexamine and proosee themfelnes whether they were in the faith or no, and drrhether Chrifi be in them or no ; taketh it for granted, that a man mayknow that he bath faith, and that Chrif is in him:for elfe werehis exhortation idle. Qefi. But howmay a manknowe that he hath this faith , that fo the beleeuer may rife vp to the affuranceofhis ele /tion ? Assf. There bediuerfe notes and companions ofir, moreeafily di Ccer- ned then it felfe is.Asfrft,It puriñeth the heart,AE5.I 5.19.and will not f °t1Ct ^° et whereby the fuffer it tobe takenvpwith vncleane thoughts, or vnlawful I lulls: it or- truth of fait!' dereth theaffeétions and curbeth them,as with bit and bridle, and ben- sditccrncd deck them with reuerence to louc,defire, reioyce in God and his image; yea, innothing more, or fo much: yea, and by thus ordering the heart,it doth alfo guide the words with wifedome : for the good manout of the good treafureofhie heart, cannot but fend out good fpeaches. Secondly, from the works ofloue,aman may conclude he hach faith:Gal, .. 6.faith worlteth by loue; firft toGod, then to man for Gods fake : for it bath re- fpeet both tohim that begate,and him that is begotten. Thirdly , it is 3 plentifull in prayers and praifes, which vnbeleeuers are as beanie vnto,as abeareto the ftake;becaufe they want the fpirit which crieth in the hearts Rom,B.cl. ofGods children, Abba,father. Fourth! y,it bath a lively hope accompany-. 4 ing it: it caufcth watchfulnefl'e ,and waiting for, yea, and reioycing in the hopeof the appearing oftheLord Iefus : Rom.5. z. Becing iufiified by faith - --we reioycevnder the hope oftheglorie ofGod; Secondly, we may hence gather a caule,why forre beleene , fome be- leeue not: it is not becaufe Come will,and fome wil nor,whatfoeuer free- will-men prefumptuoufly auouch: the HolyGhoil telleth vs, it is not in Rom.9.se. the wilier, nor in the runner, but therefore men come to the faith,becaufe they are eleEtcd, AE1.13.48.And why did not the Iewes beleeue thehea_ uenlydoEtrine of Chrill himfelfe? the reafon is giuen , Ioh. 10;26. Yee beleeuenot,becaufeye arenot my/beepe: moll true it is here,the elea baue obtained(lauingfaith) the riftare hardened, Rom.! 1.7. The