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CHAP.TI 16 Faith ordinati'.y wrought in the minilletie of the word prev chcd. a.7it63te. tit commentarie Iles the The thirdconctufioo is, that this peculiar faith ofthe etc& is ordina- rily wrought in them, by theminifierie of theword , this beeing noted here, that the endof theminitîric is to bring thee1eEt vnto the faith:lob. 33 3.1ftherebcamef inger,eriarerpreter,one of a tlomfand to declare to man bid righteonfneffe: now this righteoufnefíe is no other then the righ- teoufneffe offaith:for this endewere the Apoflles called,furni(hed,and fent out into the world , to teach men faith on the Sonne of God,as ap- peareth in their commiffion, Mart 6. t 6. Got into All theworld, andpreach the cjofpell toemery creature : bee that beleenetband iebaptiz.ed, (hall be famed: to this purpoic is it that Pau/affiirmeth ef the great myfterie of Godli- neffe, that it mull ficll bepreached vntotbeGentiles , and then beleencd on the world. Vfe. r. lf thisbe theprincipali ende of the minifierie , let Minihers herein imploy their fieR and principalipaines, tobring menvoto the faith; wherein they (hall imitateour Apofllc, not onely here, but inhis otherEpifiles ; who firft dealeth in the canica and meaner ef faluation, and then inflru6leth in Chriftianmanncrs;.as onewhom the wifdomeof God bath taught , that if the infide be not firfi made cleane,and the heart purified by faich,whatfoeueraElionscan proceede frommeo,be they ne- uer fo glorious, yet indeede they are no better then glittering fumes: he bath the right way of teaching in the fchooleof Chrifl , that fir(( layeth for his ground faith inChrill, and thenbuildeth thereon,all his precepts ofChriflianPhilofophie. a. TheMinifler ought to propoundbeforehim ,Gods end in perfor- mance ofeuerymictilieriall ducie,and that is by enlightning,cóuerting, confirming, comforting,to bring and (labli(iamen in the faith. Which iuflly reprehendeth fuch, as (forgetting themfelues,their clinic andpeo- ple ) nut of thepride of theirhearts ,bufiethemfeiues in finding out ob- fcure and dukemyfleries , tying hard knots to vntie them againe : not much vnlikethe dogge which refufeth foft vacate to gnaw vpon bones: andall this is,co get thepraifeof nimbleheads,and iharpewits;whereas the true glory of a Mini(ier,is the number of thofe that are begotten to the faith : who are gathered by theplaine euidenceof the word, in the words,noc which mans wifedome,but which Gods fpirit teacheth. 3. The Lord bauing fct out the minifirie for this vfe, içt euery hea- rer acknowledge herein Gods ordinance, and yceld thcmfelues with all fubmifíìon vnto the minifierie, and theword there preached;chat there- by they may haue faith wrought in their hearts. God will haue men taught on esrth,and not fromheauen:by man,not Angelis, or dead men: herthis manesbe defpifed,nothiag inheauenor earth can doe the good: fall, pray, afilia thy foule, forget not todittribute,doe all thegood thou eaun;