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CAAP.tl ACommeatarievon the z8 s.Pet.t.ar: The Gofpel called Troth, for;.rcafona. Truthof God mull betruck dealt withal(by men. uPct,4.tt, Heb.ro.t8: Secondly, that the knowledge ofthis truth is the groundoffaith. Thirdly,thatwhere it is aright, it frameth the heart toGodlines. Firll, thedoftrine ofthe Gofpelis truth itfelfe: 1.becaufe the author of it is truth it felfe, and cannot lie : it beeing a part of his word, who can neither deceiue, not bedeceiued. z. Becaufe the pen -menof n were in- fpired by the holy Ghofl, and fpake, and writ as theywere moanedbyhim, who is called thefpirit oftruth, lob. 14, r 7. 3. Becaufe it is a doélrine of Chri(l, and aitneth at himwho is the truth principally,aswell as theway ofour faluation : Whence it is, that the Apoflles often (lyle it by the wordoftruth: as, Eph. r.r.3. Afteryee beard the wordof truth, euco the Go- fpel ofyourpluation: and, Coloff. T. 5. For the hopesfake whereofyee haue heardbefore by the wordof truth, which is the Go[pelt. True it is, that the Lowe is a trueword, withoutall erreur; but yetneuer thus called : for the morali Lawwill not now affoard lath a truth , as by which a (inner can be iullified in the fight of God : and the ceremonial) law, although it doeacknowledge fuch a truth, yet was it a farce off, and in types, and not in the truth : but theGofpel onely is fuch a truth, as whereby we are railed to faluation. Vfe. t. Minifiers mull rightly deuide this word of truth, as fuch who would beeapprooued of Chrill, both the authorand fubieól ofit: for the snore notable the fubiedt is, the more care mull there be in hand- ling it. Which the Apollle Peter teacheth, 11'49, manfpeak5., let himfpeake as the word of God. The word oftruth wouldbec tritely dealt with,pure- ly. preached, wifely applyed, and fo faithfully difpenfed, as that both (3od,and goodmen, and a mans owne confcience, may approoue his worke. z. This word fopurely handled (hall euerie foule finde to be truth it felfe, fo asbeleeucrs (hall not faileof the faluation publifhed in it : and vnbeleeuers fhall as finely meete with condemnation,feeinghereby thcy are condemned alreadie. 3. Not tohaue this truth feared in our hearts, is a fearefull cafe; for it argueth a man to begiuen vp to errour and delufion. z. To doubt ofany part of it, is to giue a lie to all the refl. ;. To feeke for faluation out of it, or befides it; (as the blinded Papifi doth) is to cleaue to folly and falfhood. 4. Todefpife this truth, is to contemne great faluation: for if todefpife .iWfofes Lowebringeth deathwithout mercie; howmuchmoreforer punifhtuent is bee worthyof, which treadeth vnder foots the Sonne ofGod? 5. Bat to fight againli this truth is moll wofull, for it is flrongefi, and will preuaile : neuer man lifted againli the truth,but he found it too hea. uie for him : neuer man fpurned againli it, but to the btuifing of him- felfe. Secondly,