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Epiffle ofS. Posit° Titta. CHnP.r.I Secondly, the knowledge of this truth, is theground of faith: for fo our Apoftle would haue vs cenceiue,that the faith ofthe Elcé1 is railed vpon knowledge of the truth as the matter of it :and in this fenfe, wee reade that faith is called thefaith' oftruth, euen ror this reafon, becaufe it is be- gotten hs the acknowledgement Of the truth : and `Paulin asking that queflion, Howefhall they beleeue, except theyheure? plainelyconcludeth, that no hearingof the truth, no faith in it: and how may he that runneth read in theScriptures, that to whomfoeuerfaith is given, they be fuch as are taught ofGod? fuch as towhom the holy fpirit is become a fchoele- mafler,who openech their vndert"tandings, that withmuch afhurâce they can Sec andacknowledge the truth:for feeing faith is much more then an vncertaineopinion, or wavering fancie;it followeththat that knowledg which is the groundof it, mull be noShaking reedewith euery winde; but acertaine acknowledgement ofthe truth, approouingof it, and af_ fencing vnro ir. Neither may we thinke that the fpiric of truth traineth men in blinde and vngrounded conceits, nor leaueth theirhearts in vn- certainties; but that wherefoeuerhe worketh fuch an eminent grace as faith is, hen:aketh men able in fornegood meafure togiuea rearm; of the hope that ù in them. And as little reafon hase wee to conceiue that the worke oftheMiniflcrie,is to build cafiles in theaire,or the callleoffaith without a foundation; but that Miniflers are fent to make the n:yfleries of faluationcleare in theeuidence and dernonflratien ofthefpirit: and fo laymen on that foundation, to become a fpirituall haute, confifling of lining Clones fit for the honour of the Lord. And to ende the proofe, notably doth the Apofile Paulprooue the eFeíl-uallfaith of the Theffalo- nians from the ground of it: for our Gafpell was not toyou in wordanal, but in power, and in the holy GhofE, and inmuch aiTurunce: which pl ace mull be vnderflood fo to be both in the teachers and the hearers , as the context declareth. Vfe. t. Ifknowledgebe the ground offaith, then Sleight is the faith ofthe moti, whatfoeuer menprofetfe. Numbers of moll filly creatures fwarmeeuerie where, whopretend, and prefume vpon as fltoog a faith toGod ward, as the bell preacher ofthem all;and yet hue no better the Atheills, even without God in the world:without the knowledge ofhis wales, without his feare in their hearts: to loueGod aboueall, and their neighbours as themfelues, is but a breath with them: to belceue in Tern Chrifl, is fo natural!, as they neuer doubted of it all their lises; to bring forth fruits offaith (wholepropertie is to workeby loue , in the obedi- ence oftheCommandements ofthe fiat and fecond table,)thìs they doe, they hope as well as God will glue the leaue,or as others of their neigh- bouts do:whereas,alas,euen their (peachbewraieth them to be deliitute B a of 19 Knowledge of ehecrush is the groandof faith. s.Theao,al. ftom,to.l4 rer.; T.r4, t.Thcff.}.9. t.TAclLs.;.q. Lampas fi lei facileexangui- curUifubinde inflmdau,r Olt rt verbi dzi.Ch,y. (oR.inparab. Virg.