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EpifkofS. Paulto Titus. CHAP.I.1. But lamentable it is,that Angels fromheauen neednot corne topreuaile a ainft the truth :for let but a blindPriefì,or ablindedPapill corne from a t Ronne ;and broach his vcffell, and ineffeétaffirme that all the Apofiles were deceived in their do6trine; a number ofPcotét}ants may Toone bee turned toanother Gofpcl: the experience whereof, bath brought fwarmes ofIefuites andSe,inaries among vs,ro the poyfoning not ofa few. 3. If the e1e6t are brought to the faith, by the acknowledging of the truth; then after loRg teaching, and much meanes to he Hill blinde, and not to fce the things of our peace , is a mot} beanie iudgernent of God: Gat.r.a. for here is a forfeit of faith and faluation. Here indeed is the voice of Chrifl, but here arenotfheepe of C'hr,fl that heare it : here is the glorious toh.1o.11 light of the Gofpelfhining, but here are none but Infidels, the eyes of whofe mindes the godofthis world bathblinded, that they cannot behold it : here is the anointing, offering to teach all things, but here are not they that haue receiued him : here is fpirituall meate, but here are not fpi- ritual] men tofeedvpon it:for ifanythinke himfelfefpirituall , let him ac- knowledge the things delivered to bee the Commaundementsofthe Lord: which who fo cloth not, he is 1i1ì its thefare ofthedeuill,farre from repentance, andprifoner to doe his will. Whence are all our plagues in the Church,and in the land, but for want ofnot acknowledgingthe truths , which haue bin clearer then the Sun toour eyes?and howmull is it that fuch as wil not knowe the voice, fhouldknowe the hand of God ? and that whome the vocali word cannot reclaime, the real) word of the Lord Ihould ouer- take? r.cor.4.4. r,1'oh.1n7 r.cos437. a.Tim.s. Thirdly , whofoeuer in truth entertains the DoGrine of the Gofpell, the This truth high. hearts of 'itch are framed into Godltneffe. Fsr herein this truth taketh ly aduancedá. place and prehemiuence about all other truths, and writings , in that it bout all other. loth not only inlighten the vnderllanding, but allo in that it falbioneth the heart voto that which it teacheth: nay, herein tlì1 doEirine farre ex- celleth that ofthe lawof God; which is indeed a lanthorne to direct}, and Pfa1 ng coq teacheth what to doeby Informing themind in the feucrall duties of it; but giueth no power to the performanceofanyof them : but this truth, betides the (hewingof the duty, conferred) flrength acceptably todo it: for it conuerteth the fonle. More plainely, we reaa ofa twofold laevc,but p¡,1 ,r9, in fubtiance the fame-; a. the LawofGod : a. the Law ofChr ¡fl. The for G,i.6,x. ,7 mer is an old commaudement prefcribing lone : the latter, a newe com- t'a134' mandement prefcribing loue alto. The newnefleofthis commnundement Gofpel called a then,dlandeth not in any newmatter and ftibtiance of Dot rive, but in áoWmrn swhy this new manner ofdeliuerie and propounding:in that the law comman- ded loue, but gaue no frength to performe it: it writeth it (elfe onely in the flefhly tables of the heart, and fo in the fleth it cannot be fulfilled:5,co,.1.3, B 3 but: