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CiHAP.I.!. 20 Fidesexplicita, implicita. Matth.a;.r j. Col.a.a.s7 Heb.to.18. Iam.r.8. Ioh,6.68. Matth.a6.3s. GaLt.8, c i! commentarir vpon the of vnderíanding, and confequently vtterly void ofthe faithoftruth. 2. If the ground of faithmua be a certaine knowledge of heauenly truth: then hereby, t. is ouerturned that fond diain&ion of the Papifis, which masketh there more tlftEgyptian blindnes, ioyned with wilful- nes and ob(iinacie, vnder their mode(i vaileof vnexpreffed faith, or the faithoflay-men; whereby ifthey can profeffe thetnfeluesCatholikes, & liue and die in the beleefe of their(falfely fo tearmed)Catholike Church; although they know not what it beleeueth,it is fuflïcient for their falua_ Lion. And indeed he that profeffeth that religion (which like the apples of Egypt will abide notouch,)hadneed leane vpon an implicit faith.And fo forneof thempretending more learning then is common among thE, beeingpreffed by argument, haue thought they haue learnedly enough anfwered, in Paying that their Do&ors can anfwer for them. But who feethnot thefe Phariues, taking away thekeyofknowledge, and incur- ring that wodenounced againfi fuch,as will neither enter themfelues, not fufferothers toenter into the kingdomeofheauen? far furely if little or no knowledge, little or no faith of a mans ownewere enough; how vn- wife was Paul fo to trouble himfelfe, and the peopleofhis daies, whome he wouldnot fuller to tea in farremoreknowledge and properfaith then this we haue in hand ? how vrgeth he the ColJIan.e, that hauing receiued at all ofthe true knowledge ofGod, nay cuen a kind of Readfailneffe in the faithof the Lord Iefus; yet here they fhouldnot make any flay, but proceed on to the full affurance ofvnder(landing, in all the riches of it,to know the my(lerieofGod: yea, to be further rooted, and built, andflabli- ffiedvs thefaithofChrifi:, and neuer togiue ouer,till they come to be com- pleate inhim : which how they can Rand with that Popifh poll Lion, a weakeeie may fee. The likeofPeter, a.Pet.Ia a. And a. wauerers in religion, and vnfetledperlons in their profeflion, may hence be informed to fudge ofthemfelues, and their prefent elate. We heare more then a fewe vttcring fuchvoices as there ; There is fuch differenceofopinions among teachers, that I know not what to hold,or whom tobeleeue: but is not this openly to proclaime the want offaith ? which is not onely affuredlyperfwaded of, but certainely knoweth the truthof that it apprehendeth?The iufman (we know),liuethby hisfaith; but this is towithdrawehimfelfe toperdition. Let not thereforefuch wane. ringmindedmen looke for portion inChti(i,whofe followers and difci- ples can profeffevnto him, (Mager, thou ha'1 the words ofeternalllife, 'and whetherfhall wegot? And thoughadmenforfak. thee, yet wee willdie with thee before wee denie thee. Our precept is, that ifan e/Ingell from heautn fhould come and bring another do&rine, (fo felled and Rablifhed our tnindes ought tobe in the prefent truth ) we fhould holdhim accurfed. But