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CHAP.r.2 t.,9 Comrentarieupon the 32 ttom.441.23. Atwofotdatfu- rangeoffatua- tion. againttptatu m;ng t.,bot. - tiucs. tict.t% Pfal.t;o,q. t.toh.tp. :,rtt.t.4 i.cot.7.1. without merit is prefumptton : bare 6rahamhadanotherpropforhis hope, it was not merit that madehim hopeabove hope, but becaufe bee knew whohad (poken,hedoubted not the promife throughvnbeleefe. Obiett. r.Ioh.3, 19.Ifweeloueindeedeandin truth , weeknowethat wee areofthe truth : And therefore hope of faluation is to be fetched from the workesof loue. Anf.The (copeof the Apofile is to reach, that true faith cannot (landwithottta good confcience:not that the perfwafion of it either only thencearifeth,or thereupononlydependeth, or cannotbe without workes:but that then we hauemore full perfwafionofour con- iunblion withGod, and foundnes in faith, when together with the in. ward tefiimonieofthe fpirit , the fame (pitheffeEtually produceth fuch fruits as outwardly freeth our profeffion from falfehood and fayning, which is the thing there condemned by the Apofile. More plainelywe may confidera twofold affurance,on which our hopemay be confirmed. The former is theafhuranceoffaith, flowing frota our iuftification : the latter is the affuranceoffancttfication. The former is when the Ipirit wit. neffeth to ourfpirics that we areadopted,which maybe in weake Chri- flians,young converts fcarcely yet experienced in their ownchange,yea fuch as can obic&t Inch things againfi their faith as themfelues cannot eally anfwer,yet euen in this is therean aflurance offaith,which canon. ly leane vpon the promife and the truthof it : and this I take to be more efpecially meant in this text ofour Apofile. The latter arifeth from the experienceofour owne fanaification : the vfe altoof which is not to makevs fo, but to trie our foundnes in the former; yea to Peale it to our felues,and cleare it vtito others: this is that theApofile lohn fpeakethof in the place alleadged. Yet notwithflandingthat we may meetewith an error on the other hand in the prab }ife of Proteflants,we affirmewithour Apofile,that true hope relying vpon the promife goeth with faith knowledge,godlines, and groweth vp in chele; and therefore thole the tenureof whole con- clufions runneth thus, Becaule grace bath abounded,we may doe as we lift; becaufeChrifi bath blood enough, God bath mercie enough : wee hauepromifes inough, we may be theboulder in our finnes : chele I fay turne Gods grace intowantonnes to their owndefirudtion: thus indeed to leaneor bottler a mans (elfe on the promifes,is anhigh prefumption. The reafoningofthe(pirit in the Scriptures areofanother kinde :Doth grace abound?oh this muff teachme to denyvngodlines and worldly !nth: bath Godmercy? merciete with him that beemay be feared: bath Chrill blood ?it is topoorgemecfremallmyfinooes ,both the guilt,and thedomi- nion : haue I promifes? fuchpreciouepromife are giuen hies that beeing partaker of the godlynature, Ifhould file the corruptions that are in the world