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CHAP.lf.Z i Commcstarievpon the 3g Now then is aminifler a liar,when he either fpeakethfall thing,as e- rer.la,I.i, uery where the falfe Prophets are charged; anexample whereofwe may s` cap.19.21. fee in Flananiah the formeof Azrar,and Abab the forme ofKoliah,andZe- Miui!ìers faire dekiah the fonne of t..SVlaafeiah, who are faid to prophefie lies in thename teachers two ofthe Lord, in that when the Lords Prophets were commaunded to WaY "' carryyoakes about theirneckes, there would breake chem,and Co caufed the people to trull in a lie : or elfe crue thingfalfely , mi lapplying that truth which they could not but vtter : for this was euer the note ofa falfeProphet, to make their hearts fad, who (hould haue berne cheered, and to fpeake peace to them, anainll whomthe Lord had proclaimed o- pen warré : fo fallEying the word of the great God , which iniurie no earthlyKing would fuffervareuenged. If a King fhould fìgneand fend out his letters ofdeath andexecution againfl fame arch-traytor;and the officer betrulledwith them fhould fettle them vpon force faithfull cowl- feller, who is neare andBeare tohis Prince; fo as the innocent and well- deferuing £mould be put todeath , and the traytor fuffered to flue in ho- nour: fhould not the life ofthis man fo betrufled,go for the life of the o- cher?In like fort doth he,who in Gods place whettethhis tongueagainli the righteous ofthe land, and difgraceth themot+ forward in the wayes ofGoddet him difcourfe againfi thé inScripture phrafe, & fpeak things in'hemfelues neuer fo true ; yet he is a lovedher in the falfe applying of them, and wrefling them againfl them,vponwhom the eyes of the Lord are for good: and with liars (halt be kept without the gates of the holy citie: and that moil iutily, in that hebath not lied of men, but of God 'himfclfe: whom (fo farre ashismalice could extend) hebath endeavou- red, to drawe into Ilia firma, in making him a lyar alto like unto him- felfe. 5ph.4o$. 2. Euery initiate Man mull takevp that exhortation, tocaffofflying, andfpea6¿e ester, man the trothveto his neighbour, and that becaule it is a peice and £pas kleofGods image, and a part of the newman which is to beput on. Which reafon the Apofile vrgeth fundry times in the Epi. cotores.9. files. And indeede no mancanmore lively refemble the imageofhis hea- uenly father, then by the praélife oftruth: in which one word is included that whole image ofGod,which flandeth in righteoufrreffe andbolinet: as Ioh.8..44. the angels floodnot in the truth. As on the cot erarie , no mancan more liuely refemble the deuil then by lying,for he is a lyarfrom thebeginning, and thefatherofyer. True it is , therebe many defences made for fundry forts oflies,whichwe fhallbaue better occafouto fcan varfi'.. in the proceffe ofthis Epiftle: but let all fuch aswould haue themfelues marked with the flampe ofGodschildren, knowe ,. that they onely can Pfatia.I. haue affirrance of the pardon of fumes, in whofefp,ritie noguile; and thole