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EpillleofS. Paulto Titus. CxAP.I.2. fakeis, who will not flicke to reuile the God ofheauen.For either Satan by his fuggelfion, or his iufiruntents; or which is more tobe feared,we (hall heare the whifperings , and mutterings of our owne fle(h, Paying, Where is theGod in whomlee treed: letnot thy God deceive thee any longer: and with Iehsram, Is not this euillfrom the Lord, andflrallI waiteon himany longer? to all which, let vs be bold to anfwer with the ApoRle, Ikgowe n'home 1have beleeued:even him whole bare word isabove all bonds,who neuer promifed more then he was able to performe;and neuer performed le(fe then he promifed: faithful/ ú he that bathpromifed,and ro visfaithful- caes of man canmake himvnfaithfull. The like truth and RedfaRnes carie all hisdenunciations and threats :' for neither when his meffengers threaten wrath againa the impenitent,' !hall that be found a lying word, but the fentenccof the Iudge, which cannot fileofexecution. True it is, that the Lyon bath often roared, but the hearts of the field haue not trembled The Lordhath vctered his terriblevoice againfi the vnrighteoufneffeof men but his threatnings haue met withmockers, who fayemeryvi(ionis deferred, andwhcreù the promife of his comming? with fwarmesofeflrheifls, who fay there is no God, but denie heauen, hell, and immorcalitie ofthe foule : in the mean timemaking leagues, and covenants with hell and death : withbeaRly Epicures, who line vnmooueably from their carnal! delights, and fenfuall pleafures: with heauy and dead heartedprofeffors with whom they haue been but as ablaR:.all which forts of menpromtfe to thernfelues life, al- though theLord bath laidof them,they (hal die:and is not this to charge God expreffely with a lie, and as much as ro fay that he is not God ? But these fhall knowe, that the words the Lord hathfpoken,shall be done, Ezec. az.7.8. And as the Lord letteth his children fee for the prefent, that it is not in vain to worship /guy; fohe lettethhis enemies often feele even be- fore their death, that all his words fall not to the ground :when he mec- tech them at euerie corner with fundry plagues and iudgements, in their foules,bodies, eRate,name,or friends;all which are the accompliflament ofhis word, which (hall not paffeaway,when heauen and earth (ball be diffolued. Vfe. z.Seeing God cannot lie, let enery one ofvs labour toexpreffe this vertueofGod:firfl and efpecially the minifler in his place,feeing he fpeaketh fromGod, nayGod fpeaketh by him:he muR therefore deliuer truefayings, worthyof all men to be receiued, that he maybe able to fay in his owne heart, that which Paul fpake ofhimfelfe, I fpeake the truth in (krill, ¡lie not: and iufifie that of his doCtrine , which Paul did of his writings, the things which now, Iwrite vetoyou, behold Iwitnefe before God that ¡litnot. C 3 Now 37 Ira;7.to. ICa.f.t9. Ezec.t3.:,E. a.Pcr.g.4. MS!, 3.4.124 Exprefre in e. uery thing this parr ofGods imtge. a.Tim.a.7. Gal.t.ao.