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CIIAP.t.a, c.4Commentarie vpois the 4o prepared for them to walke into their faluation ; and fodid decree them: but the decree in regardofthebeginningsand motiues to eleétion; can- Ram. ;.24. not be othcrwife then free and absolute, if that of the Apofile bee true, Gratisperg'a that we are iufiified freelyby his grace. And ifGodcannot ele6l men to c1 life, except he forefee thatthey will vfe their free-will well (as the Pela- gian)or that they will become faithfull andrighteous : ueceffarily mnfl this decree ofGod,which is the 6rfi and general; principle ofall things, depend vponCome other external beginningout of himfelfe:contrary to that of the Apoßle, who faith, that he predeftinated vs to beeadopted 410,5, throughIefus Chriti inhimfelfe, de urar, pro 4rdoer4o', as Berswell obCer- ueth, that is, finding no caufe, neither prefent, nor to comeout of him- felfe, of this his mot/ Tuft counfell and decree. Befides,faluation beeing but one, and one wayvnto it, and Gods de- cree but one, how fhould by the former do&rire any infants be fatted? inwhom the Lordcould not forefee either faith or works :So that as the former dohlriaecalled vpon vs; to giue God the honour of his truth; fo Both this,togiue him the glorie ofinercie: in that it is his good pleafure, euenbeforeall times, to gluehis a kingdome freely : towhich purpofe hegiueth faith freely,works of faith freely,theend offaith, which is the perfèueranceof vnto faluation freely; and in a word, as thedecree be- foreall times, fograce and glorie in due time mutt freely. Much morewit vfe. a. Did God thus freely louevs when we werenot? much more Godlouc vs will henow, becingreconciled votohim by the decth of his Sonne. If nowwhen we are,and are re. whilewewereyet flowsam/ enemies, he fet his loue vpon vs , much more :oncilcd vnto now beeing in:ifed and friends, will he faue vs from wrath. Thou mails a"n be fometimes frowned vpon, yea buffeted, and vnder the roddes of God Ro:n.S.E. p Y to the breaking of thy heart:but yet a!I thefe proceeding from this loue, arefarre from breaking it off to thee, who haft escerrafted howgood the s.Pees.;. Lordbath been to thyfoole. Well maift thou cheare vp thy heart and fay, Pra1.43 S. whyart those cafe downe myforele ? what is it that can feparate thee from this loue? which hath two excellent properties, namely, to be freewith- out defect, and confiant without end ? nay, trait in God rather; yea, re- paire with the boldnesofa child to thy father,tbat loueth thee neuerthe- IeCfe,becaufe he correéletla thee: and firengthen thyprayers herein,that his louewill not fuller thee towant things meete for thee. Returne loue Vfe. 3. What anhainous finne were it to requite fuch a free loue with for loses hatred, repayingculli for good: which confederation alone fhould make vs (mite our hearts,&be afhamedofour vnthankfull finns:& it is a note ofone,whobath taftedof this goodnes,tobe grieued forhis finne,in this Expreffe this refpci , that it difpleafeth one who had bin fucka good God vntohim. venue towa.ds thybF4theF. Vfe. g. Let vs expreffe this venue of God towards our brethren, not