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Epífileafs. Paulta Titus. not fomuch waiting their deferts,no more theGod doth ours;but be readie to repay good for euill loue for hatred , biding for curling: knowing , t. that it is the graceofa dutie of loueormercie , when it is free. a. that the heathen can doe one good turne for another. 3. that hereby we (hall be fonnes ofour heauenly father, who fuffrethhis raine tofall, and Panne to Thineupon the iufl and vniufl : doth good for euill, yea ouerrommetheuill with good. Secondly,as God laidnot the foun- -dation of the world,foToone as the foundatió of our faluacion,but pre- pared a remedie before the maladie;it is our pares not onely to magnifie this grace in hitn,but to imitate it by labouring tocouer thefaultsofour brethren when they are committed: andnot as the manner ofmany is to amplifie euery circumflance ofoffences done, whereas we fhouldmake the bell oftheworft,euen in the worfl: the meekenes of fpirit muft euer temper our zeale againfl their finne,and preparecouers and cures as fa fl as they breede offences: but efpecially if ingood men,andprofffors of the Gofpell a weakeneffebreake out , woe to that man , who with open mouth is readie by that occafion , todifgrace not them onely, but the whole profefiìonby reafon ofthem. v. 3. Bat hash made his word manifefi indue time bypreaching] Hauing feene how themaine promife of lifeeternall hath been made by theGod oftruth: we are now to confider this truth of God further in the accomplifhing ofthac in due time, which he promifed before all times.And then was that promife accomplifhed,when the wordwas made manifefi:which manìfellacion is amplified, t.by the circumilanceof time in doe time: z.by the meanes ofthis manifcflation, & that is by preaching. For the meaning ofthe words, we mull necefl'arily open 3.pointe. Firfl,what is meant by theword.z.whar by the manifefiingofit.3.what is this duetime here mentioned by our Apoffle:whichbeefing explaned, we fhall more profitably defcend to the feuerall doctrines. I. By theword, is meant either Chrifhimfclfe,fo called loh.t.i.bee- ing that inbred word,euen that perfon by whom the father reuealeth all things :for noneknoweth the father bat the fonne and he to whome the forme reuealeth him: fo as the father by this word his Tonne, maketh him- fclle -and his will knowne tomen,as one man reuealethhis minde to an- other by his words.This word is the matter oftheGofpel.Or elfe by the word is rather meant thedoffrine ofthe Gsfel,which is the word concer- ning Chriti: both thefe indeed were reuealed in due time, andbothmay be trueiy meant:but this rather, this more properly, becaufe the words concaine a reddicion,andhaue reference to the former verfe,which fpea- kethofpromifes;whichpromifes by thedoétrine oftheGofpelpreached are fully reuealed tobe accomplifhed. 2. By CHAP.I.3. 41 RcaCons. z 2 3 4 By theword is meant two things.` Asps ipos7?a.' Asia rrpegspnat.