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CHAP.I3. 43 tq.uíper. Gee.4g.ro. Dan.g.24. vl Commenteievpen the 2. By themanifefiation of this word,is meant , fuch a cleare reuelati- onof it,asvnto which is required a great light : for idle word noteth fe, much. Before this eommingofChri(i, there was an appearance of this word,but not a manífetation : fame light there was, but darke and ob- fcure in types and fhadowcs, and like to that of the dawningof the day, compared to thebrightneffc ofthe funne in his ftrength. But now the funne oftighteoufnesbeing rifen(ashe was newly and not long before the writing of this Epifile) there is acleare publithing ofcheGolpel :at E what time,not a fewProphets were Pent to one people to promife the future performance ofauncient predi&ions;buc that great Prophet, and Chrill dofìor of his Church, bothby hisappearing, his preaching, his life,his death in his owne perlon, cleated veto the Lewes: as alioby fen- ding out his diCciples,and Apetles intoall the world , proclaimed vnto the Gentiles, the prefenr, and pere& performance of whttfoeuerwas written of him. This is the doarine here meant, and elfewhere Co mag- nified by the Apofile , who comparing it with former fhadowea,calleth it the Gofpellofglorie , and aminifierie ofrighteoufneffe . which exceedcth in glorie. 3. The word tranflatcd, duetime, fignifieth , the proper timeof this manifeflation, that ir, that very time which the Lord in his couniéll ap- pointed for this purpof:,called elfewhere,fulneffeefrime: that is, fuch a full ti me, as whereof all the parts andperiods are expired.More plainly, this fulnes of time is , when after thefceprer is departed from luda); and after Danielsfeau:arieweekçc, the Meilish ;s borne,is put to death, and railedvnto glorie : thenmuff he be preached to all the world. In fulnes oftimehe was borne,Gal.4.4.when faines oftimewas come,ÇÇedlent forth his forme made of.: weman.In fulnetie oftime he died, r heegame himfelfe a ranfeme in doe rime: and,in thisfames oftimehe openetb themiller oflüa will,togather into one all things ,Eph.5.9.ro. Qeff. But why Both the Apcflle to carefully addethis aircumí ance not here onely,but alio in fo many -other places of Scripture ? e/fnf.To NV the curiousminds of men, who wouldbe inquiring into the esule why Gaddid no fooner manifefl this word in the world,bor fuf}er4000 ucares to palle in lochobfuritie. Why didnor he reueale things before? why did hethen? the reaion is ,no titrewas Gods time but that, who bathpar ail times andfeafons in fois Drone power, who is moll wife to di- fpofe to all things their fittefl feafons.Againe no time but that,was their due time; their fulneffe oftime was not till then;their proper time corn- pleare in all the Articles,and periods ofis was not till then.Whereof the Scriptureaffordeth vs fome grounds: as r. betweene the time ofpromile andperformance mull intercede a timeofexpeélation for fundry caufes, that