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CHAP.T.3. LegCóm» ewtarievpeto the 46 proper ends.Thus weneed neuer doubt, & demurrewith the Philiiimr, r.sam.o.9. whetherGod orfortune finite vs. Whatfotuer Vfe. 2. If that be the proper and fitteft time of things wherein they Wallah dice are done or fuffered, becaufethey are fo by the determined counfell of is new comcto God , wee muf4hence learne to make our accounts iuft with Gods. patté in Gods fìtt&R (Caton, Which will aftoard vs firme ground , of t . thepatient expe6tance of 4'aond acco doe u thon 1 the hand ofGod,both in releafing vs from the tedíoufites of prefent e- Co uills, and feareoffuture:as alto inprocuring any good thing, which we 1.Toprouoke Rand in neede of. Art thou in triall,temptation, perfecution,want,fick. cu pauenec, nes,or other forrow?lay hold vpon the promife ofdeliuerance: there is a Heb.tc-;7. time in which he that will COme,fhAR come; patientlyexpeét-his time : the periodof time is fee to thy atîli lion,ac theend ofwhich,and not before thou (halt finde reieefe and releafe: hay thy heart for the time , cxercife thy faith,quicken thy hopes and affiance in his mercy , waite his lealilre and makenot hail: flefh andblood is in this cafe fhort and haftie : it will be unyoked and free,though by Satan, forcery,andall unlawful( means: but that isnot Gods time ofthy releafe,but thyown: thou haft not ftai- cd, but prcuented the proper and due time of thy deltuerance. And what is the iffue ofit ? furely thouhaft efcaped abeare,but a lionmcetes thee: thou art leaped out of the pan,but into the coales: thy very breaking of prifon bath made thy cafe more hopeles anddefperate theneuer it was before, thy durancehad beets farce leffe mifetable,then thy cfcape. Standeft thou in feare ofanycuil,or hard meafure fromSatan ormen? toh.,o49.and moderate all() hence that (care, feeing there is an hourefor the power of chap.7.;o. dart eneffeto workein: and till that home come,an haire (hall not fall (coin thine head. Lec the Iewes takevp neuer fomanyhones against Chrift, yet he Iball efcape out oftheirhands : let them feeke to takehim , yet fhal l none dareto lay hands vpon him,ifhù hourebe not yet ceme.LetHe- rod fecke tokill him:he will not flicke to fend that foie word , that be muff worke fo many dayes in deipight ofhim,todayand tomorrow that is,now for the prefent,and afterwards vntíll his conit :innation. Againe,ílandefl thou in neede ofany prefent good, whether any fpi- rituall mercie,ortemporall fauout ?liftvp thy heart and hands veto God . in invocation,burprefcribe no time,leaue that to him,who-alone know- eth theproper time ofmaking his blefling fealonable and whoiefome,_ Thirty yeares after thepromiie¿notwithftânding many prayers in the mcane time) is the proper time,wheulfaac mutt be obtained.The Cana- Afatth.y. tiili woman was not heard, till after three fore repulfes. Lazarue mutt not be railed byChrift, till the fourth day;no nor Chrift himfelfe,til the third, Thoumuff haue a time to (owe thy prayers , and water themwith óa16.9, teares ofrepentance; anti then indoefeafon (halt thon reape, if thou faintefä' net.