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EpiJlleofs. Padto ring. CHAP.2.3. not. 2. Hence wehauea ground offarengthin temptation. Doe we fee :°4 dra- the dales wherein iniquitie aboundeth ? the wicked flourifh? thegodly Í kTmg °E°Jcncç perifh,and eaten vp ofthe wicked as bread?well,waite a while:God hath Pfat.ra a due time CO conuert fo manyof themas belong untohim : and tomake of them, ofperfecuting Sails , preaching Paul:: or otherwife , a fet fea- fon to overtake them as birds in an euill net. Both the daics of the 3,9.ia. Lord are fetahe day ofrcfrefhing; and the day ofretribution.The former is the day when lofephshead (hall be lifted vp;the latter is that csuenant Pfal75 . time of the Lord , whenhe (hall execute iudgement againa the wicked ones ofthe world. The fame night ,which expired the 400. yeares, the 2aod.2.4r. armies of the Lord were deliuered out of Egypt, and Pharaoh and his armies drowned. Thefarnenight that dated the 76. yeares appointed for the Iewes captiuitie, was Baitazer (laine, Dan.5.30. compared with Ier.a . r z, The time is let how long the rod (hall be in wicked hands, or rather how long the Lord will hold the wicked as rods of his wrath in his owne hands:but it fhal not be long,beforc he will throwe them into the fire. Vfe. 3. We are taught further wifedome in entertaining the feafons co[dsduefea which God bath allotted to euery puepofe: tome ofwhich , he bath hid fons,rnd time with himfelfe:and fome,he bath made knowne to vs: I fpeakenot of the ofgracc former, for it belongeth not to v s to knawe the times andfeafons which the A.2: Father bathput in his atone power : fuchfeeret things belong not vntovs: as ro inquire of the time and day ofiudgmenr,which the very Angelis in heauen are ignorant of. But things reuealed , belong to os, and ourchil. Dcut.a dren,toenquire into,and make ourbeft benefit of. Let vs therefore tare the wiiedome ofGod, in performing all our duties to that proper time, which the Lord bath made their due feafons : efpecially teeing he bath fo clearly manifefled to vs our dayof grace,15.t timeofour viti:ati6: it is our duck to betake our fettles to feafonable conuerfion and repen- tance: the due timeof which, is the relent time; becaufe God this day caileth , and if to day wee Beare his voice, let vs no; harden our hearts, Hcb.3. There is a time when God is ,ware , and may bee found , and:hat it the fit /112,55.c time tofeeke him, and then he is nearer;and then muff we feeke him when he feeketh vs by his gracious inuiting of vs to repentance. There is a time when with the wifevirgins,we mayenter inrothe wedding chan. ber;andno fooner is it pafi,but the doore is fhut,and all the foolitn vir- Mar's gins excluded. A time there is whena blefling may he obtained ; and a time when E(au Thal not get theble(fng,although he feeke it with tears. x bra: Now is the fit feafon for all thefeduties. Now !carne to knowGod in Chrift or neuer : now become abeleeuer, oreuer anInfidel. Enter fei- lowf.nsp