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CSAP.1.3: ofCowrxentarie Vonthe 48 lowihip withGod now,orneuer partake withhim hereafter. Loue the comtnunionofSaints here,or Heuer (halt thou enjoy it hereafter , begin to liueetern.all lifehere,or thou Thal c neuer fee lifehereafter , but abide in death.Men are wifeinough in outward things,to ftrike while the iron is hote,to witch theirbefl windes,whichblow_them profit, to foreflow no time inariking vp gainfull bargaines;but here as though the wifdom ofmen were not in them,are without all prouidence, andhaue call care away: &yet how bath the Lord along time manuredvs, that like good Era.61.;. trees ofrightsoufnefe, we fhould be laden with fruits of righteoufneffe, and rep&ance inour due feafons?yea howhath his pruning knifeofcor. rection followedvs for the fame purpofe? hath he not taken many from the meanes? and doch henot many waycs threaten co take away the means from thofe that are left ?doth not the timeof his mercy feeme to be dated and full expired vpon vs,in that thoughhe bath moll fearefully (mitten vs with durable and failing iudgments,yet becannot fatisfie his iuflice, but his arme is flretched out hill ? and feeing that as his hand is againfl vs, our hands are fill againil him; may it not be thought that the period ofhis vengeance is vpon vs, and that the vi(ìon ofwrath and burdenofEngland cannot long bee deferred? It is high time then to meete the Lord , if afterfuch prouocacions yet his wrathmay he turned away. Wifedome yet crieth in our (Ircetes : Godsword in the mouches of his workesofinercie, and judgement which runnel into our owne eyes , ail of them call vs to be wile hearted,'to know,the feafonofour fruitfulnes.Let vs prefently anfwer the Lords prefent call. Say not with thy feife, when I haue dispatched this or that bufineffe, or purchafed this orthacpleafure orprofic,orhaue ouergrown fuch a trout ble and diflraólion;as though repentâce flood in the change of theout- ward ellate,and not in the change ofthe minde:but know it that no time is.thine,but the prefent:& it is little better then Poperie,toprofeflè free will in this matter: it is toomuch thou hall been deceiued in the time pall;deceiue not thy Idle alto in timeto come.Well laid one;God bath left man time pall to repent of, and time prefent to repent,in , but she time tocome,he bath referued in his owne hands. Dear. 3. The.cnanife(larion of faluation is to be fought for in the preachingofthe word. Which point is plaine , is that the preaching of the word isan ordinance of God: i , to make Chrifl knowne, in whole name alone faluation is to be had : z. co beget and confirme faith in the Aß.4 "' i heart,by which alone asby anhand,we apprehendand apply him with Pcif:afittgri. his metits.co our faluation. The former the Apollle affirmeth,Ephef.3. r appoi rcd ' 8. the vnfearehable riches of Chrifl was bypreaching made knowne to +cú,Gn«c ' 1 theGentiles: and Cella t. 27. God would make klsowne what is the riches