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CHAP.t.3. v4Commentarie von the 52 Anatyfin Leuir. EL G.Prior eft d: Ess!eonfecra. tionis :poRerior de eo quod di- cunt BENS ESSE Officeofprea- ching is an of. óceoftrutl, t,cor,4.l. Aá.9.15. Macth.at.33, And therefore rcqutreth faith- fulncs,eareond diligence. 2.Thetta.,p.2o. Macth.25.23. An.1o.24. 2,coz2.'9. and'chap.4.2. Kits Chrif,r.Tim.t.r. Ifhere it be asked , whether `Paul was called onely by the commandement ofGod : The anfweris,yea onely:for here- in is the difference between the Apo(iles, and ordinarie Miniflers : the r0 rietie ofthe former was to be called immediately byChrifl of the P P Y Y r latter to be called ofGod, butby men : beefing general; to all ordinarie Confecrations,,.hat there is required a twofold pretence ; I. of God; 2. ofthe Church; as Junius out of the Schoolmen learnedlyobferueth : but not fo inextraordinarie callings, to which the former fufficeth without the latter. Out ofthere words naturally arife thefe three confiderations : a. That theoffice ofpreaching, is an office oftruf. 2. That whofoeuervndertakethit, muff finde himfelfepreffed by this calling and commandementofGod. 3.A direhtion from the Apoilles example, how and when,miniflers may andmutt, infiPt in thecommendation ofthis office. Dot-tr. z. That euery minifler called by God, is one ofChrifis corn- mitties, vnto whom hebetrufteth now after his departure the care and P a ouerfight of his fpoufe, who is dearer vetohim then his owne life, ap- peareth; in that they are calledfletrards of this great houfe,hauing re- ceiued the keyes toopen the kingdomeof heauen, and to diflribute to the neceflitieoftheir fellow feruants; chofen veffill.r, asPaul , not to con- aine,but to carrie thepearle and treafureof the kingdome:feeders,as Pe- ter: husbandmen, to whome the vineyard is let out till his rectum. Ofthe do5lrine muchmore afterward. Yje. t. The honour of a Minifler, is faithfulneffe in the diligent and careful] difcharg in á himfelfe,of that trufi eouimitted voto him:the rin- cipall part of which repofe,flandeth in the faithful] difpenfing ofChrifls legacies to his Church, according tohis owne teflament : which as it is hisdutie enioyned, t. Cor. 4. a. fo is it hiscrowne, his ioy, his glorie, that by his faithful] paires he hach procured the welfare of his people : and bringethwith it a great recompenceof reward : for if he that fheweth himfelfe a good and faithfsollferuant in little thing:, (hall bee ruler ouer much ; what may he expect that is faithful] in the greatell ? Happie is that man,that out of the vprightneffe ofhis heart can fay with Paul, that nothing, nonot his life is fodeare voto him,as to fulfill his courfe with ioy, and the mini(rationhe hashreeeiseed. If any man aske how bee (hall come to this? I anfwer, he mutt take the courfe that Pauldid: r. he mutt teach thewholecounfellof God, and keepe nothing backe, vet, 27. and 2. he mutt difpenfeitfincerelp': not handling it deceitfully, nor making merchandifeofit : but, t.aeoffnceritie, at intheftghtof God. 2. in the declaration ofthe truth, approouing himfelfe toeuery mans confcience; here-