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Epi/leofS. Paulto Titus. CHAP.I.3. htreby he (hall become a fweetefavour to God, euen in them chat perilh: whereas the falfe and fooli(hProphet, bath a cuppe of gall and worme- wood tempered by thehandof theLord,ier.23.and the Prophet Ezeki- el fheweth both the head and talc ofthis vnhappie condition : the firfl entertainment of him is a woe,and his farwell a curfe;and therefore I fay toeuery oneprefenr, whom it doch or may concerne, as Paul to his Ti- mothic, O Timothie, keepe that which ù committed veto thee : and , That 53 Bzek.r3.3.9. r.Ti ,4.w. worthie thing which is committed unto thee, keepe it: yea , I charge you all in the fight of God, who quickneth all things , char you keepe this com- mandement. 2. 'M.1.'4' Vfe.2. The minilîerie is nocallingof cafe. but a matter of great And is no mat. charge;nor contemptible, as many contemptuous perfons thinke it too bale a calling for their children: but honourable, neere veto God , of great rusa, a calling committing vetomen, great matters , and worthie things, which not onely the Angels themlelues haue difpenfed fundrie times,but cum the Lord oftheAngels,lefus Chrif} hitnfelf al thewhile hemiuifired vpon earth : the honourof which calling is firth as thole who are employed in the duties ofit,are called not onelyangetr,but co- ter °fsalt. r.Tim.3.r. N,lae.3.r. workers' with Chrif} in the faluationofmen, k r c°`t'9 Co°perarij io Doitr. a. Whofoeuer would findecomfort in themfelues, or cleave miniaerio,non and iuflifie their callings toothers, or do good in that lace of thebody n g p conuenîone. Every mini(ler wherein they are fee, mull be able toprooue that they arenot intruders, but preffed by thiscalling and commandement of God : that as Paul mua cxereife v.aueiofáby performed euerydurie in the Church byvertueofhis extraordinary cal- r°mmandcmé= ling, fo they by venue oftheir ordinarie. For can any man thinke that a (mall aduantage to himfelfe,which our Apolledothfo dwel vpon in his owne perfons; and that in euery Epif le? makinghis calling koowne to be committed voto him, not ofmen, norb7 men, but by Iefus Cbrif:? of cod. See Gal.t.i. andcap.2.7. Eph.3.a. r.Theff.a.4. The neceffiitieof thiscommandement appear eth: I,becaufe it imply- eth a fitneßè in the perfons fo commanded , for the Lord fendcth not a meffage by the hand ofa foole :for this is as hee that cuttethofthe ferre. Rex fans. 1. Prou.t6.6. APrince would not fend an ambaffador,who is onely able to reade his meffage out ofa paper , euery polie might doe that ; but one of parts and gifts , by whom the meffage might carrie all the grace it potribly could. Euen fo the Lord fendeth the tongueofthe learned, tome Ezra, Tome Apollos, men rnightie in the Scriptures,and full ofauthotity in re- gard bothof life and doctrine. In the confecration of Aaron and his Leu. fonnes,we read that theymull be fitted twowaies: r.they mull be wafh- Two thingsin ed withwater, that is,purged from theeuills which might corrupt and a- the blemifh their callings: 2. inlirué}edand furnifh ed with gifts t and they of he , tical Ptriells. D 3 of