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CRAP.1.4. v1Commentarievpon the 58 I onely ciuìlirie,but)a (hew ofreligion,and want thepower and life ofit: ofwhom the (peach ofChrill is true,that `Prvlicaner and harlots fball goo Mátth,zt.tt. ;into life before there. The feauen deuills in Marie Magdalen refilled not her conuerfion (o much,as their conceit doth theirs, who thinke that all I deuills are cafe out,ifBe!zebub the prince of the deuills doe notdifcouer himfelfe: greater hope there is of the cold Laodiccan , then of the luke- i warme : and experience, and good reafon from the Scriptures teacheth, that Inch as haue beene before their conuerfion, either more outragious in their finne , or zealous againd the truth, when as once their change came,haueprooued farmmore eminent inflruments ofGods glory, the' fuch as before their change neuer fo highly difhonoured him : both be- caufe thofe affe&ions which were fo violent in finne, are turned in their Lok.7.4:.97, vehemencie againf} finite, as altobecàufe the fenfe ofmuch lone in for- giuiug many finnes,doth greatly conflraineand enforce double thanke- fulneffc :all which I haue fpoken,that no man be dilcouraged (otherwife then to lead him through bis courf with cóflant humilitie)for his eflate pall,iffor the prefent he finde a change,but rather breake forth into the magnifying ofthat maruelous power ofGod,and that free grace of his, who is the moouer and perfeéier ofour whole faluation. The a. point in this defcription of the perfonofTitus , is the title of relation,my fanne according to thecommon with::hat is,my fon,not whom I haue begotten according to the flcfh, but to thefaith: namely, both to thegifr of faith, for Paul was his fpirituall father,by whole meanes, and mintfltie he was conuerred; as alto to the doítrine of faith ; not to be- DoRdne ofthe leeue and profeffe it onely , but allo become a teacher of ir. Which. do- Gotpetcatted ¿hine is called the commenfaith, s.becauie the matter of it is common talc Gammon r, ;d, hy, to Paul , T1/125, sell all the eleel. z. themanner of propounding it, in which they did mutually content, is common to all beleeuers. 3. in re- gard of the commonobieft; which is Chrid and all his merits, which be- long to all the faithful(..}. in refpe6t of the common profefon of it : it beefing the badge ofcuery Chriflian. 5. of the common ende of it, which is faluation,the endofcuery beleeuers faith. Out of this title note two leffous. a. That Miniflersought to be fpirituall fathers to beget children toGod. 2. That faith is one and the fame in all the eleet. Miniflers are Doar, I. That Miniflers are fpirituall Fathers tobeget children to ncl,Ged tp;. ritual.' father s. God,appearerh in that the Hebrew phrafe not onely flileth them by the name of fathers: r.who indeedare foproperly by the wayofblood&na- turali generation r a. neither.onely thofe who are in a right defcending Iine,thoughneuer fo faroff 3.neither only thofe who adopt others into the