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IEptfldeofS. Padto Titres. was in Paul himfelfe? he was indeedean HebrewoftheHebrewes,cir-. cumcifed the eight day,of th.e tribeof Beniamin,brought vp at Gamali- els feete, and a great fcholler ; but by all this he was armed to waft the Chúrch,andheacknowledged himfelfe fuch a tyrant, and perfecutor of the Chutch ofGod,as that hewas vnworthy tobe an Apotlle : andbee- fingone, he was in that regard,the leaf}ofthem all, i.Cor.r5.9. and for the latter,the power ofGods brace breaketh through the llrongeft op- pofition, evenGentitifine,and Paganifine it Idle: yea, hewhole honour it is reproduce light out ofdar/çenes, and quickenthedead , doth oftenwhere finitehath abounded, makegraceaboundmuch more:and ofthe greateftand notorious finners,raife vp fuch fpeciail inlirumentsofhis glory as (hall ftrippe and goe beyond a number that hane alwaies lined more ciuilly then they,before their calling. Pre. a. Hence is confuted all that Popifh doctrine concerning workes ofpreparation andd,fpoiition before grace: and of merit and fuperer_ rogation after : Gods grace is free, not mans will ,- his metric is mans merit. . 2, 'Confider thy ovine bafeneffe and indignitie before thy cotwerfi- on to be humbled by it,yet let not Satangod beyond thee in it. He will bealieadging againttthy faith,after this miner:Wound God anewmet- tle on thee,whoWert fodefperately drowned in thy finne? or can thy callinghe found,who fo long a timedidit fight againft the truth ? here; thou haft anfwer for thy (elfe : I was neuer wade, though I was as ill as an heathen and publican :I was nor worfe then a blafphemer,or a perfe- cutor, yet God had mercie for (nth , and fox-idly called f lch , and why not forme ? But he will obiect further, Indeed- if thouhadIt hued a ci will life, and not haue beene fooutragious and defperate in thy finnefull courfe,therc had been more hopeofthee,as of oae who wert not faire fró the kingdome ofheauen:but the cafe was not fo with thee.Towhich thou maieli truely anfwer, That there is no more-di fpoiition t'ograce in. Fn ciuiiI men, ameereciuill man,then in the molt profane perfon : although there bee tO drtP°G ell to grace oncly tome more reltraint.ofcorruption in the one , then in theother: nay ,tor tome retrain moil part, there is leffc hope.offuch,then ofgreater limners: for they are slew eini . often hindred from Icing the truth oftheir eitare,by reafon oftheir ciuil to pee. vertnes :andbycomparingthemfelueswith men notorioufly wicked, ,lótnsanep t. conclude (with the Pharifie) themfelues tobe in goodcafc,for they are Lukas., 413. not thus, or as that man, who is an open inordinate perlon;whereas the 'other are moreeafilyconuinced in their ownconfciences,andare boner brought to faywith the Publican, Lord bemercifnil,, and fo goe away more iufiified; yea,andmuch more maybe added hereunto,natnely,that there is muchmorehopeofgreat finners,then of many who bane ( not one- tiAP.I.4. Phil.; 57 z.Cor. >:ph.,. Rom Merin eft mil domin plane ops mil non fu Bern: Item t mmeum bruno ;"1uri fon) areiid in. rmdiu tra t i u0ú Grit. Canc.