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CHAP.I.t. 6o The faule mull haue a father n well as the bo- die. Ioh.Gqo. Carrie a child. like affcàion to theee fpiritu- all fathers. QIal.4,t4. Aft.h G. Corarnentarie vpon the afcribed vnto the God of lifc,and the fpirits ofal deft). Thus we feehow Minif#ers are fathers,and fo tobe accounted. vfe.i.Noman can be faced in an ordinarieand vifibleChurch,where themini tierie ofthe.word is feticd,but by a fecond begetting, &birth: for that which is borneof fiefh,is delta: and thereforehe tuft haue ano- ther father betides the father ofhis body:for no fpirittall father in earth, none inheauen :euery childborne into the worldbath'a father,although many formes ofthe earth know not their father : examine thyheartaam I born into the Church?who was my father ?& here what a number ofthe formesof theearth,earthly and baleminded mein and wornen,profefláng themfelues tobe the fonnes,and daughters of God,knowneither father nor mother,befldesthofeof their bodies: and conceineno moreof this heauenly birth then Nicodemus,whoalthough Chrid himfelfe taught theuoCtrine ofregeneraaion, yet asked bow could thole things be : for what is that which is gene:ally taken and ceded in as thenew birth, and deceiueth the mod men and women in the Church ? barely the repreffng ofwickednes of nature that it breake not out into excelle of riot : and perhaps not the redtrainingonly, but the reforming of Come groffe vice, or vices;which may be,& generally are,where is no renewing,nor birth into the Church. Iudas to hued as no man could fay ,blackewas his eie, but yet was.4deuill:out ofwhich example wecuidently fee,that euen the fupernáturall decreafe,and redraint of vice in the reprobate, is far from thenewbirth of the eledt. Let him then that would not be deceiued in this waightie matter,looke he be renewed, that hebe a new creature, a new man compleat in all his parts: for as the foule is whole ineuery part ofthe body; fo is the beleeuer renewed in curry part ; that although there be no lud but may affaile hien,yet none Chal dwell peaceably with him. Gfe, 2. This necee relation worketh fpeciall affection betweene the Minifter, and people conucreedby him: I fay not thereought to be, but there is allo a fpeciall affectionofloue betweenethem.TheMiniflerlo- uethhim that is begottenby him,as if he were hisnaturall fonne, & the iffreof hisbodie, nay euen aboue him; fecingitis a more ardent and lading louewhich is grounded in grace, then that in nature: the loue of women is not comparable vnto it. Thepeoplehaue Inch infingularedi- mation for theirworkes fake. The Galatians tailing the fweetnesof the Gofpel,did receive Paulas an Angel of God : yea, as Chrifl himfelfe, and would hauepluckedout their eies,that is, departed from their dea- red things tohauedone him good. The Iaylor beeing conuerted,was as roadie towalla the wounds ofthe Apoftles, as euer he was before to in- fliet them:Lydia conitraineth them to tarrywithher:& all this, becaufe they