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1 EpOleofS. Paulto rims. CsAP.1.4. they feethey owe them(which Paul challengedofPhilemon)not onely. 61 their feruice,but euentheir owne[cluesvoto them. vet tsc Let Miniflers feele this fatherly,yea this motherly affeéìion,Gal.4.19. tow ardstheir people,& like tender mothers reioyce when they profper and thriue in grace, mourne when they are ficke : but when theyare like todie,be ready to die for them,and with them:fuch a tender mother was Paesl,that wifhedhiresfelfe ratheraccurfed;then his counirimenfhould bereft a, way.We haue many teachers euerywhere,but few fuch fathers:toomany Rom4,4. Miniflets refemble the motherof the dead child,who care not what be- come ofthe lining one;whom the true Salomon (hall in theend difcouer to beno naturali mothers ofhis children. And iuflly may we call for childlike affeötions at this day in our hea- rers,efpeciallyfeeing a number challenge the Church for their mother, but deale with their fathers, as Simeonand Leui dealt with their father Tacob,fo far as they can,making them to flinkamong their inhabitants: or like another turfed brood,with Cham,feeke to difcouer their fathers nakednes : well may wewith fuck to become children in malit:oufneffe: and ferioufly toconfider ofthis truth, which informeth vs, that whofo- euer they be that finde not that thofe Miniflers feele are becomebeau- tifull,whoperhaps before were orangers in their hearts: whofoeuer for their works fake receiue them not into the inward clofecoftheir foules: Gcn.;4,30, x.Cor,,4.:o. whofocuer in theirdeparture mourne not after them,as King Ioath after Eliah, myfather,myfather;fuch may bee allowed to make quetlion of their conuerfion,ashe may ofhis legitimation , who could neuer tome to know who was his father:for were the Gofpel powerfuil in a people, a moli proper fruit ofit would be, the conuerting of the hearts offathers voto children,und ofchildrenveto theirfathers. Now if any be defirous to carrie themfelues cowards their miniflers,as children towards their pa- mull performe voto them thefe duties. 1. Theymuff glue themdoublehonour, r.Tim. 5.17. reuerencing their perfons,thcir places. 2. Theymuff partake in all their goods,as the Leuites in the law did, yea,ifneed be, lay dowse their neckes for their fakes,Rom.16.4,in way ofthankfuloes. 3.No accufations mull be receiued againfl them , vnder twoor three witneffes: a dutifullchild will not heare,much leffe beleeue euill reports ofhis father. 4. In doubcfull cafes ofconfcience refort veto them for counfell , as children to their father. 5. Obey them in all godly precepts,endure their feueritie, be guided r'ß"$''344 Malac.4,4 Duties ahcf:.ri. ,,Tim.5.iA by their godly dire&Riós,as thofe who haue the ouerftght offoules com- Hcba3.1e. misted