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The Epi flleDedicators.e. Iudea,whéChrifl Pent his Difciples out as (beep amongwolues? how in the tenne perfecutions? howat this day? and fo (hall it be till the great day,in which all the thornes (hall be call into the fire. And nowonder,thornes doe but their nature,whichare good for nothingbut topricke and toburne.It llandeth therefore the fil- lies in hand,to be fomuch the more careful' to fence themlelues a gaina their molellation. And this (hall they doeby obferuing thefe fowre rules. i Becaufe the thurnes hinder the rootingof the li/lies, there mull double their diligence in the rooting of them- felues in thegroundsoftrue religion: for this yeeldeth hope of siting, flablithing,and continuance in the faith, z.Becaufe thornes feeke tokeep the fimne from the lillies, and hinder the comforta- ble heatand delight oftheword from them : there mull fò much the more carefully frequent the places where the light of whole- fome,pure,and comfortabledoarinedoth more brightly difplay it felfe. 3. Becaufe thornes feeke topricke the lollies in their names attd profeffion:thefe mu (l more circumfpehtly fence themfelucs, with innocencie andgodly conuerfation,and in nothing, in no part lie open vnto them. 4.Becaufe the lrllie is weake plant to defend it Cellefrom the fliffhes ofthe thorne,it muff fortifie it felfe partly with comfort in the prefence ,care, and loue of God the husbandmanwho is euer in his feild;and partly with the praier of faith,that he would be pleafed (fill to looke voto it,ro raite vp Pa- (lors and teachers according ro his owne heart to water, cherifh, and preferue it:e(ecially in there lafl dayes , wherein the field is ouergrownc with fcandalls, Apollacies , trials and reproaches, wherewith the Idles are daily fcrarched, torne, and ingreat ieo- pardie. The fecond conclufion is, that the Lord maketha precious ac- count ofeuery faithful' foule,and preferred] it abone the wicked, fo farre as a li/lie is for the beautieand fweetnes ofit ; tobe eílee- medabone all the thornes with which it can be befer. And indeed helmetsare the moll precious ofinen, themall noble perlons oftheearth ,defcendedofthe blood ofChrill , neere vnto God, and next attendants to theking ofglory:aduanced abone all the refs by the fpeciall grace offree ele&lion,ofiuflification,offandi- qi 3 fication,