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TheEpifleDedicatorie. fication,and adoption. And who can deny feting thee are Gods peculiar,anhallowedtbing,a chaferspeople,th aLordsfir/Ifruits ,hts rë- nant calledout ofallnations and kinreds, the formes and dai.ghters ofGod,brethren ofChrifY,andheiresapparant to the crowne of hea- uembut that they arc highly aduanced as the cboifeof God, and Gods delight about all thepeople ofthe earth? And hence follow_ eth it, that whofoeucr wouldbe in this price and reckoning with God,nívft be lure he be a h ule; which he (hall know by thefc three notes. rafflebe planted in thegarden ofGod,andbe a true mem- ber oftheChurch, not tied to it asNon toa treebya thredof outwardprofeffion, but by foundries offaith.and loue;the former ofwhich fetteth into the head,and the latter vnirech to the mem- bers. Secondly,ifhe haue the beautyofalillievpon him, t.in the fight of God,by therightcouuicffe ofChrift iu(l:ifying andcouc- ring him.z .in hisown eyes,by the fandifcation ofthe fpirit dai- lywaffling the confcicnce from dead workcs. z. in the fight ofo- ther mcn,by an innocent lifeand godly conuerfation. Thirdly, if cuery where he Ieaue a fweetfinelbehind him,that theplaces whey euer hego fauour of the graces ofGod laid vp in his heart: by be- wraying the humilitic,fairh, louc,parience,hope,fobricty,and the like. A /diecan leauc no flinke behind it any where , as many in their meetings,whofc fpcachcsarc,ifnot hurtful!, yet vn(àuouric and vnfruitfull. Thefe things I writenor,as taking vpon me to teach your Hon. who wantcth not choicemen and meanes to bring you forward both in the vndcrf}andingofpure doetrinc,and in the inflitution ofholy life. But T. to put your Hon.in minde how highly the Lord hath honouredyou both in his owneeies, as all() in the ties ofhischildren. Theformer in that vnto outward greatncs(which is as a rich legacie giuenbyGod both togood and badde) hehach vouch(àfed to adds the cheife good, and made your Hon. 11 t e indeed, by difpofing vntoyou, the inheritanceof his children: which isapparant, in that by afound profeflion of the truth, bee bath plantedyou in his ownc ground or garden; in that he hath fct the beautie ofa li/lievpon you and hachgraced you with a fweec /mellofmany precious graces, which cuerywhere you leaue be- hind