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CHAP.I.q, cí4Commentarie upon the 68 The firft perfon calledFather, why. Chritt our Lord,why. Ira"; 5. and chap.g:. L. AR.y,xs. t.Ioh.s.y. the firll perfon: and this tile is giuenprincipally to the fiat perfon inTri- nitie : t. becaufehe is the Fatherof the fecondperfon the word, by na- ture, andby eternal] generation. a. becaufe he is Father co Chrift,in re- fpeEt of his manhood, not as to other men, by nature, or graceofadop- tion, but by perfonall vnion: the humane nature fubftfiing in the perfon of theword. ;.becaufe fromboth thefe followeth, that by Adoption hebecommeth the father of all the ele6t beeingmembers,andmaking vp the bodyof Chrifl. And this is the refpeEt wherein God is rearmed Fa- ther in thisplace, both becaufe it bath relation to the fecondperfon here nominated; as altobecaufe in prayer wemutt repaire toGod the Father, inChrift our head and Mediator. e/Indour Lord IefowChrifl ] Chrift isLord in himfelfe, as God and Lord ouer all, bleffed foreuer,both in that hegiuech effence, and fuftai- ning to all things; as alto poffeffethall things, and ruleth giuen the moll powerfull andgloriousof all creatures, and is called Lordofthe Augells; much more ouer the deuils themfelues. Againe, he is our Lord, t. as Mediatour, we beeing his inheritance giuen himofhis Father. a. as a Redeemer, purchafingvs beeing captiucs, and thralls to Sathan. 3.as a head of his Church , quickning and gouerning thewhole bodieof it, whether militant or triumphant. 4. in regard of his power and domini- on; for co him all power is committed in heauen and in earth , who bath put all things vnderhis feete ; in him we hold all things, as in=capite, and to himweowe all homage and fubieEtion in all obedience, both a- Etiue and paffiue, Quell... But how can Chrift be a Lord, feeing he is euery where called feruanc? Aufcv. Chrifi considered in the office of Mediatourfhip, is afer a fpe- ciell manner a feruancof his Father: and fohis Father callethhim, for my feruant Dauids fake: and, beholdmyferuant : becaufe hee faithfully {trued him in the worke ofredemption , in that he was made man , came into the world,fulfilled the law,prayed voto hisFather,and was made obedi- ent cuento the death; yet all the whileof his tcruice,he remained a Lord in himfelfe,andby his feruice became the Lordof hisChurch,and redee- med ones, in a fpeciall manner. Our Saviour,] There is no other name giuen but this. Obiett. The Father and the holy Ghoft faue all'o. e/Infw. Although all outward worksofthe Trinitie, which make for our comfort and faluation, are vndeuided, as beeing one, and coworking; yet in performing then, we snuflobferuean order amongll them : the Father is the fountainefrom whom, theSonne for whome as a meritorious caufe, theholy Ghoft by whomwe communicate of all bleflings: foall three faue, but the Father by