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EpiJ?IeofS. h Ito Titus. by fending the Sonne,the Sonne by paying the ranfome, the holy Ghoft by applying it: fo all create, redeeme, fanEcifie: yet obferuing this order and manner of working ; when the works are more perfonaily attribu- ted veto them, creation is afcribed to the Father,nor excluding the Son, and holyGhoff, redemption to the Sonne, and fanëtification to the holy Gho9. Which order is rather here to be obferued, becaufe our Aponte expreffeth it in his prayer for thefe graces, when he craueth them both from the Father and the Sonne, not excluding the holy Ghofl: whereby we are taught,'how to diredlour (nits allo, namely, thatthe Father, by the Spirit,through his Sonnour Lord Iefus Chrifl would enrich vs with grace and the fruits °f it. Obiefi. But there are other fauiours;as Iofhrta, and other Iudges and Kings: yea, Prophets and Minifters, are called fa- uiours. Anfw. r. Thefe all were men, and as men faued : But ofChrifl it is laid, Behold owr God, hefüallfoist vs. 2. Sonic of them, as Iudges,were typical! fauiours, fauiug, t. the bodies, 2. of one people the Iewes, 3. from temporall death andopprefíìon; but Chrifffaueth the bodies and foules ofall belecuingTewes, and Gentiles, from hell andcondemnati- on. 3. Others, as Prophets, andMiniffers, are onely minifleriall and in- ftrunientall fauiours, nor properly; onely for fundry caufes , the worke of the efficient, is afcribed to the inftrument, whom the Lord vfeth in publiihing this faluation: but Chrill alone faueth, bymeriting andpay- ing the price, and bringing home to the heart this redemptìó.Obiefï. But we haue yet linne in vs, and therefore are not faued from it. Axfw. Wee arc faued euen for the prefent, from the wrath and poyfon of it in part, and for euer from the damnation ofit, foas the flrengthofit is gone. This is the meaningofthis falutation,which beeinga prayer,fhewetl- vs,both of what kinde our faluration ought to be, in which wee wow:. teffifie our loue, to whomwewrite, namely, to with them the bell bief- fings : as allo in what manner; not fending formal! falutations without fetiing,abffra&ing curtef,e from confcience : but they mull proceed fró a religiousand reuerent affe5tion oftheheart: for euery prayer ought to come from the heart, and as hauing God himfelfe a witncffe of the truth ofthe fpirit in lochwishes; as Rom.r.9. and Phil.1.8.9. Now the principallleflons in this prayer are two; a. That the freeand cuerlafling graceofGod in thrill, is the foun- dationof all bleffings fpirituall and temporal!. a. Peace is the fruite of the grace and mercieofGod. Doftr. i. The grace ofGod is the whole fufficiencie of his people: the firfl,middle, and !aft caufe ofeuery good thing, conuayed vnto them orifl'uing from them : not once did the Lord enforce this point vpon his owne people, teachingthemby things temporall , their fpirituall elate E 3 and CHAP.I.ie?+ 69 Men called Sa- uiours ;.waits. What oar falo. tations fhould be. Gods grace the foundationof all otherbie- flogs. how