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CHAP.!.4. yo Eacc.ti. Not coop:rat. on ofmans will wish grace. Goss mercy is scans mcric. HoL4.r.' s.Cor.r.so. Zach.4.6. I201.1.17. ACommon's airvex the and condition:Deur.7.7. TheLarelfetb, tome vpoa oa,andebofeyosf, not becatrfeyou were toes in number :foryou were thefewef ,, but becaufe beelotted you: and,cap.9.4.6.Say not in thine heart,becaufeofmyrighteoufnet, rho Lord bathgtuen methisgood land:for thouart aoldie-neckedpeople:and were they not yet further offfrommeriting andprocuring to themfelues fpirituall blefiings, and that heauenly Canaan, andeuerlafling ref+ prepared for the people ofGod ? and it we confider our condition, before this grace be reueiled and (binevpon vs, are not we in our blood, when the Lord firll couerethvs withhis skirts? and no ele but his pitieth vs : he calleth vs with Adamout ofour thickets,when we tonne from him,and are hiding our felues, then finding vs, when we wouldnot be found. Vfe. t. To confute thePopi(hdoólrine,which depreffeth this grace of God, and endnreth not that the caflleofa mans faluation (hould be altogether founded without himfcife, or budded without his owne flrength:while it teacheth,that there are forcemeritorions works,which feerue topreparemen to their iuflification :and that there is a cooperation ofmans will withGods grace, in the firfl a I ofconuerfion : a doeltine full ofpride, and vanitie; as though the Lord didnot firtt by Petting his loue vponvs, make vslonely, rather then finde vs fo.Befides,if our iu(li- fication and faluation were partlyby grace, &partlyby our own difpo- firions and preparations;gracewerenot euery way grace,& confequent- ly no gra:e at all. he Prophet Hofie (heweth the nearefi reafon that we can reach vetoof this grace ofGod;I wil loue them freey:but wherfore? not for any difpofi: ion or defect in them,but becaufemy wrath is turned a- way. Ifwe bé about the doingofany good, it is not I, faith Patel, but the ceofggodinme, that cloth it:for as it was in the building ofthe fecond pie, le,ubbebel who reprefentedChrifi,mull lay thebighefiffoneof the building, notwithftandìngthe high :mountaines;that is,the firotg op- pofirionof the enemies : and thishe mutt doe, not byarray orftrength,but by hotfprit: fo in this liuiogTernple (whichwe are) che Lord himfelfe both toundeth the lowed., and laiech the bighefi (tone ,not by our arme orflrength; nay, we rather hone mountaines of impediments to hinder this great worke, and our felues are the greatea enemies to our owne building: but by thepower ofhis fpirit, which makech all plaine before him. Yea further,whereas theabflaining from the leafieuill, is good, though the leaf+good ;euen this is denied to our power, and laid out of our owne teach, and mull be gluen vs from the Fu:ber cf/cg/srs. Let the Papifls therefore facrifice to their owne nets, and borne incenfe to their yarne, as though their owne hand had made them rich, and their owne arme happie: bur let vs labour to fee, i. how wofull creatures we areby nature, and be ashamedof our felues , and (tones : t. file to this infinite grace