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Eptßlr ofS. Paulto Titus. CHAP.!. 5.; The Minitier muapropound beforehim his end, which is thegarhering together of the Saints ; hence neceftie it impofed vpon him, andwoe tohim that not aiming at this ende, preachetb not the Gofpell. The private man muff fet before him the publike and common good , and in his whole courfe aime at that. The efficacie ofwhich argument is fuch,as that the Lord himfelfe moti vfually vrgeth it in flirting vp men, to the right re- ceiuingand vfe both offpirituall blelTiings , as alto the holy fruitionof temporal mercies.How doch the Lord vrge his people to the pure vieof his holy orahance of marriage, otherwife then from the three endesof it : 1, in that thence they mull expe&2 an holy feed: z. for auoiding of fornication: 3. from the comfort of a fit helpe,and comfortable compa- nion , Mal. 2. 14. compared with 1.Corin.7.2. and Gen. 2.18. So as looke what Mordecai laid of Heflers aduancement, Who can tell whe- ther thou art come to the kmgdome for this rinse ? let eueryman fay of his owne gifts : whyhath Godgiuen me learning , wealth , aduance- ment ? furely for fomcgood ende in the Church or common wealth: and how dangerous a thing is it to peruert Gods ende in gluing his gifts ? And further fromhence,let him that would take acompendious way, to entertaine theMinitiery,alwaies behold with one eie,the endofit :fot otherwife it will often feemeharfh, and intolerable: flefh willingly abi- deth not the handling oftheMinitier: oh no,meddle not with mine eies, my deere and tender finnes:the body abidethnot the pulling out ofees, or cutting off ofhands and feete: fo as let the Ivtinitier come to faw or fearea defperace member, there is fuck relu&ation and oppoficion , as maketh a wholeparifh too littlefor the Minifler and people. The caufe ofall this is, they confider not this end of the Minifierie. if they could thus reafon ; for this end is this man let here , to be the watchman osier thehoafe of lfrael , to found a trumpet againa the frnnes of ludah, to re- dreffe our diforder,toplant Gods graces amongtivs, to beate downe finne,fuperilition, ignorance,profannes; then fhould wenot heare fuch graceleffe 1peaches, as Corah and his companie utter againti Mofes the man ofGod; Who made hima controller ? he is very b ufie to meddle with fuch and fuch things, which concerne himnot ; come let vs finite him with the tongue: andmuch ado is there to keep Zedikiahs fifi from Michaes face. Whereas if they could thinke them theMinitiers ofGod fortheir wealth, (as the Apofile fpeaketh of the Magi(rate ) or if they could conceiue them to haue the watch oftheir foules committed vnto them: either ofthefearguments,by the judgement ofthe fpiric ofGod, would be (Ironginough, to enforce reverenceveto their perlons ,and obedience unto their doélrine. Now 77 Eph.4.ra. r.Cor.y.t 6, Heffq. i 4. Speciall fnrthe- ranee to tSeen- t,rtainmene of che Miniacry. Ezck,;.rg.