Taylor - BV4500 T195 1635

' \ Follow Chrift,wherein. 79 I. together,fometime -whDle nigh~;:--- M~trk! 1. 3). and Lu~ ) .16. Hee . l kept himfelfe apart in the -wildtr- , I nefft, ana prayed. Nothing he undertook without prayer: at the I ca1ling of his Difciples , at the ·· entrance into his paffion,and upon the croffe, Father, into thy hands I commend my fpirit, &c .. Here {hould every Chriftian tread in his fteps, upon every occaGoa fending up prayets , before any bufineffe of the calling:, generall or fpeciall, and fanelifying every tbing hJ tbe Word ~end Pra1er. Chrifi: could not pollute any thing, and yet did thus :A good motive to thee for performing Mo(es ad bel/a non vadit,(ed orat, et vine it el,&c. in Levit. tTim.4. 4-f· this duty. 4. In fervent zeale to his Fa- · r. h 4· thers hou1e, whic even confu- Joqnt.t7 med him. Hee was daily in the Temple,reading,praying,preaching, conferring, confirming, reforming. Ifhee withdrew from his Parents who had loft him, E 4 there