Taylor - BV4500 T195 1635

78 Follow Cbrijt,wherein. ----------..~---- - ---~-- l ther,I h4ve glorified thee in earth. I So every Chrifiian mufl: doe all / things, even the leafi,for the glory of God, I Cor.16.3t. i1ot hunting after praife of men, nor enduring tlilat the glory of G 0 D ( lhould bee turned into Lhame by j finfull men. 2. 2. In that hee contemned his :owne will for <his Fathers ,,. to ! . drinke even the diegges of the ·! I bitter cu~ ofde~th :·NotmJ 'll'il!, l I /Jut thi'Piill6ee done,M'f.t.'l6. 39. i He would lofe his life, before he· · would lofe his obedience. In no i temptation would hee-Hart afide fro his·Fathers wil.Oh how bap- ' pily might we pa£fe our dayes, if wee would give up our wils to Gods , accor,ding to our daily prayer, that there might bee but ome will between God and us, Thy will be done ! . 3. 3· In daily and frequent pray- · er to his Father :early in the I morning, late at night, long time I togethe~