Taylor - BV4500 T195 1635

j _ Follow Chrift,wherein. frruCl:ing; in folitary & defolate places hee. was praying,meditating.,prep.aring himfelfe, or enduring temptation :.in porches and high-wayes he was curing, healir.g,he1ping: He went ~thout doing, ' g:ood, All:S 1 o. 38. Our zeale alfo to ·Gods gJory iliould move as to ·watch , . and take-all occa-fions of doing good, of promotinKGods glory, furthe-ring mans good,and fitting our owne recR·oning: ~ ~. In his faith and confidence:.· 5• . His whole life was an obedienceoffaith; his dC'ath like wife an.o-· bedienceoffaith. In that dreadfull deferti.on of his Father, that vJ~ had - defe~ved, he-crxed) ~1 God, my God: hee £ould trufi ·tn his Father, killing hirn. Hereir} a rar-e patterne of imitition,iil all deeps by faith to give the Lord the honour of falvation) and leane upon his Jove and promife. 'Ihns ofthe piety ofour Lo·rd:. His charity and lov.e of ·man ·· E 5 fh~ned