Taylor - BV4500 T195 1635

II. Follow Chrzfl>wherezn. body , the Church. The rules thefe : r .Chrifiians muft ayme at fttch fincerity in love, as to bee willing to give their lives, 1.. for <Sod, 2.fot his image,and fl:and in a readineffe to undergoe any danger for G 0 D _ and his image f~ke : for, love f-ee k! rnot h-e.r o'Jt7~'e. 2. Wet mufi intend the falvation of our bte· thren before our owne lives ; fot . their foules are 'better than our lives: {o did ·Chrift, and fo did ;I the Apofll~ Pau·l, 2 Cor. I l.t 5•. j I woHld 'moft gladly !Jee beftowed 1 ft'Jit JOUr Joules. 3 .Not rafhly,and without calling: f'or,Chrifl died not for us, till-be was called to it. Which wbe·n we have, ·we ·mufi part w.ith ~our lives, even fvr their bodies' much more for r their foules. Thus ofche matte~, wherein 1 _ we mufl: follow Chnll:. Next ofthe r~Mnner offollow- · tnght'm-. .