Taylor - BV4500 T195 1635

How we mrJjt follow Chri{t. ~ o~jeB. How canwee -foll~w-, --- Chrift,feeinghe is in heaven, and ' we on earth? .Anfw. Not having his bodily prefence on earth , wee cannot make any pilgrimage to follow him with the feet of our body : but, · 1. · Wee m till: follow hiin in- r.By faith, [llith; move after hilh with the a thre~fold I fi f c. •. h h. h d k aa:of lt. . eet 0 ratt : W IC · to o, flOW that faith bath athreefold worke . I in this bufineffe. · Firfl:, it caufeth us to know· & 1 • l acknowledge our Captaine, and j the way wherein bee is gone _be· 1 fore us:· for it tels:the Chrifiian, 1 that he being now fet into~hri~, 1 and beco'me amember of htm ;Jf I hee now live, bee mtift li•;e Unto •him : Ifhe dye,he ·mtift dye unto· l him; he is not his owne , but at i his Lord~ command wholly, and t rnufl: follow him clok in the J meanes ofhis-prefence,efpecially 1 in[earching th~ S ,riptNre 1, -which l teftifte