Taylor - BV4500 T195 1635

I. MotiVt J to foUow Chrifl.:.________~- \ covetoufly,uncharitably; all tht.·s ( , . religion is naught and vaine; and I . · opens the mouth of Adverfaries,,. to fay from the loofe lives of Pro· :; feffors, that otir religion is an e. nemy to good work~. · Where did Chrift teach thee, that profeffeft to follow him, to .fweare, to lye, to deceive, to .profane the Sabbath,to raife flander,to reve11ge,to fpend thy time in gaining, idlene{fe,or the like ? where learneft thou this of Chrift? . · . 4. We mu·fl: follow him con- · 4.With l jlantl.J,without wavering or de- conftancy. fill:ing, ndt for a brunt or a fiart, 1 1 not as the young, tnan that came hafiily, but departed heavily : He loves no lockers back. Know that Chri£1: is befl: at ]afl:: and, though thou mayefl: bee fome- ) times weary, yet Chri!l: will refrefh thee, and lead thee to reil. This is the manner of following him. Now ,