Taylor - BV4500 T195 1635

- ---;;-- Motirz.•eJ to follow Chr~~ .-1 --~~~--------~----~----\ 3:ln fin,e1 3. Wee xnuft: fol~ov1 himjin-1 ncy. • : cer~ly; for love ofhtmfe1fe, not wd hla~ JC I I for telfe...love : for fe1fe ..deniall I ' ot 1 m fl. b c. h . . . f this thing. muu goe erore t e tmltatton o 1 • i Chrifi.This will make us fol1ow i him into Jerufalem , and out of J etufalen1 , unto the Confifi:ory, unto the Croffe; as well when they cry, (rucific him, as·when they cry i Hof~nna. A.nd not as many, who follow·thetimes,and ! not Chri{l:. · . l It wiU make us follow him ( 2e c /1r right entis : not ror loaves or perithing bread', as the }ewes: not for curiofity, as Herod,to fee a miracle : nor as Peter, to gaze ··ai1d get newes in the high Priefl:s hall ; but as- the Difciple.s , rohn I 6.68. M~tfter, thon haft the words of eternt~lllife' and whither foal/ · we goe? · 3 •· I It will make us follow him · ,.,h~IIJ,not lameiJ,as on one legge, 1 as !uch who profefs his dotl:rine, J but deny his life, live carnally, : covetoufly, -·-------------