Taylor - BV4500 T195 1635

following chrifl. he feeth his Captaine doe before bim ? Ifwe fee our GeneraU deny himfelfe, take up his croffe, obey his Father,love his brethren, is it not equall that wee doe the hke ? £hall Chriftians live lii<e J ewes,Heathens,Worldlings 1 . 2. Great is the danger of not \ 2. f01lowing ChrHl: our guide : Danger of Firfr, if we look at our felves. not 'foiW ee would faine be leaders ·and ~~:.~J :~s 3 · devifers,which Chrifl: kAew wel guide. enough: and,as we eafi1y !hay of J. ·our £elves, fo wee are eafilymifled, either by our owne lulls, or by other perillous guides: Sometimes one; as the people, who in frmplicity followed Abfalom, HQt knowint whereabout hee went, 2 Sam. 1 ~ .1 I .thus fometime we follow fame wicked counfeller, · as a drove follow· the Butcher in fiead of the Shepheard. And fometimes many: how eafily follow we a-multitude unta evilll and therefore ha"e gr-eat need of this