Taylor - BV4500 T195 1635

Lov~ Chrifl'ianprofej.fion · that affeelion fimply confidered, but in compartfon, ·namdy, ifthe love of.God and our felves, the love of Chrift and our friends cannot fiand tog<."ther : all naturall affeclion mufr -give place. Hehr.t 2..4. Tee h11ve not yet reji. · fled unto hltJud: as ifhee:had {aid, I Yee-have re1ifred finne unto . re- : proach, unto lo£fe of !ubfiance, unto bonds, and other ev-11fs.:.; but yet it r.tmafnes to refill: untobloud, as Chtift -did. ReveiAt. I 2.1 ... they that . overcame by the bJoudofthe Tefl:imony, ;tnd · the bloud'.of the Lambe, loved ; not their lives to the death, that is, doubted not to hazzard 'them · for the truth and faith : fo as no torm·ent could .drive them from it. HefJr. r I~ 3 >• -W--ee have the cloud of witneffes before us in thii duty :·they were rack,td and Jlaine,and W6uld not 6ee delivered, but refufed the·offer of life and liberty