Taylor - BV4500 T195 1635

to the dt~ttb. liberty upon conditicn of renouncing the Gofpel. The Ecclefia{l:ic~ll Hdl:ory. m,entioneth·-· f \one Phileas, a Noble man and Martyr., who going te execution, feemed as one deafe at the per- , fwa~Otls,_ and blinde ~t the ~eares of his fnends~ mov.:mg htm to (pare himfelfe: As the waters ufe to breake themfelves on arocke,fo was bee a1together inflexible. And when one Philoro-1 mus defending him, faid How ~amodo ' h b d . h ' pote{i ttrre- can ee ee mfJVe Wll tearts on nulathi'J· earth, whofe cyu.6eh,ld th~ g!fJry mufl:ai. of heaven ! bee ;alfo w_as taken in, cuja.1 oculi and both prefentl y beheaded. c~tcjiem gloAmonP"fl: our owne Martyrs •·zamumtu.. ~ , enwr? when at the fiake many of them · had letters of pardon cffered, they would not looke at thetn, nor would bee delivered on their cqnditions. Others abfolutely refufed them. One faid lhee came not thither ~o deny her Lord. :Not one ofthem-accepted them, · · neither