Taylor - BV4500 T195 1635

ob je_Bj~~~ ~n('!ere~. ---- fpring out unto the eternalJ har- · veft:. Ever remember, that the right love ofamans felt i-s in and for Chrill. oh.You fpeakeofnothing but hindrance & lofs,& ~s if a Chrifiian may not have riches, fpiendsJ hfe,and comforts of it. Anf.r.Yes,he may have them,& mufi fave them ;but not iA Chrifis caufe, when bee is called from them. 2.Divorce not th'e parts of the text: as there is loife in the text, fo there is agreater gain by .. it ; as the harveft makes him a gainer,who in feed-titne feemed I a lofer. , oh. Butth_~t is along day: we j would have {omething i:1 hand. - .. Anfw. So thou haft in hand,an hundred not for ten,but for one,in ths life;with perfocutio~t,M~tr.xo. 3o.for thy father forfaken . thou haft Go_d to thy father ; for thy mother, Gods Church; for thy goods,Gods rich graces ; for thy G friends