Taylor - BV4500 T195 1635

. -!mf..co~· i<Fart.f, 1 pet, Ji«. ~ M!I-P . 'fVe)IIJ'WI~· &i f-(91~-ni" ~.ItA 'li ump ittpi, iaun' i.WY5)JdTIO& ~J~I1~0· e;i.w 1{J ~­ trirJ.~. Ignac. adEphef. Lfn.Jt Cbriftian prof~Jfion dy for his King & Country to en· · dure blowes,galhes,and death it felfe: How mach more ought the Chriftian fouldier for the love of his Captain, & honour ofhis profeffion , contemne fears & perils, and thinke his life well fold in fo honourable a quarrel and caufeas Chrif.l:s_is? 2. This is indeed rightly to love our felves, when wee can rightly hate our felv~s. We mull: learn to love our felves by not lo- , ving our felves,. whb indeed hate our felves by loving our felves too well : And this is, if wee be· leeve our Lord,tofave & preferve our life by thus cafl:ing it away .A man that will fave his feed,& not ca!l: it away into the grr.und, lofeth it by fuch raving; but if hee fowe it,he reneweth it, & multiplies.it fomtime an hondred fold: 4: So to Iofe thy felffor Chri.fi,is to · fave thy felfe, and to reap an hun· dred fold : for it is but fowne to fpring .