Taylor - BV4500 T195 1635

\ Obje8ion.r ~tnfwered, for the Na1ne of ChrHl. 0 IJjea. But who would not give his life for Chrifi? all fay they are ready. · · Anfw.Yet fidl ;iftimes fuould change,would they indeec)_, who now in daics of t>Totection are ailiameti ofthe Gofpel ofChrifi: ? \V ould they fl:ick to Chr~,cro\vned \Vith thornes,who when hee weares agolJen Crowne, thinke it good policie not to bee feene with him? · Secondly , is it to bring mens lives iPl their hands,to Chrifl: and his profeffion, to fhrinke new for feare at the name of a Profelfor, and bee ready to faint to heare a datnofell fay, Surely thou art one ofthem? Thirdly,would they fuffer for .the profeffion, that now fcoffe & fcorne at Profeifors , under reproachful titles,that now are perfecutors themfelves, & goe as far in perfecuting as they can , and l G 3 the